1. Chelsea says

    Yay! Congratulations! I don’t even know you girls, but it’s been such a delight to share in your joy from a distance. Thanks for including all of us in your lives! Lori and Greg, may you enjoy years full of beautiful love and adventure as each others’ soul friend!

  2. Jody Godsey-Baur says

    Lori: Loved the wedding sorry we did not make the brunch on Sunday but due to renovations at our house had to get back and get ready for the next phase to begin on Monday (the kitchen). Thanks for the weekend we certainly enjoyed ourselves and sat with Russ and Lee from Charlotte a delightful couple. Food was great at the reception and you both looked so happy. Your dress was perfect for an outdoor wedding just beautiful. Loved your Dad’s speach at the reception. You can tell he is a lawyer!

    Jody and Matthew Baur

  3. says

    huuuuuuuuge congrats. so so so happy for you guys. the rehearsal pics are gorgeous and you are glowing in your wedding dress. im just thrilled beyond words that youve found such happiness :)

  4. David Hunte says

    Just wanted to say congratulations to you both on you wedding. Looks like you had an amazing day and you both thoroughly deserve it. God Bless you both to have a prosperous future

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