Purely Michelle

by purelytwins

Hey, I am Michelle.

I am a BELIEVER,  an ex-binge eater, over-exerciser, lost soul, who overcame poor body image, depression, food obsessions, adult acne, imbalanced hormones (had a missing period for over 3 years), eczema and not feeling good enough.

After my spiritual drifting for many years from God and being deceived by the enemy I am now sharing my journey back to God.

I am a coffee addict.  I love chocolate. I am obsessed with plantains. I enjoy kombucha, green juice as well wine and Irish coffee.

I am ACE certified personal trainer.

I am a sports nutritionist through Precision Nutrition.

I shared my journey of healing eczema.

I develop healthy gluten-free recipes.

I create and edit videos.

Now a podcast!

And have a clothing line.

I am an aunt to the 4 most beautiful little girls.

I love Disney.

I am grateful for the wonderful family God has blessed me with.

I don’t believe in being perfect, but about being real, honest, vulnerable, and caring.

I love creating things. I love my job. I am very passionate and ambitious.

I have learned a lot over the years and my view on life – food – diet – working out -wellness has changed! I believe in having fun and keeping this simple. No more obsessing. Do what works for you.

Whatever you do put GOD FIRST! Seek HIM in all that you do.

As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for new ways to make a bigger positive impact in the world. Lori and I’s intention every day is to inspire others to grow in their own faith.

I also love all things beauty. I  am also a consultant for safer beauty and skincare products go here for more details.

Love, xoxo


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