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by purelytwins

Hey soul sister!

I am Michelle.

michelle corso

I am an ex-binge eater, over-exerciser, lost soul, who overcame poor body image, food obsessions, acne, imbalanced hormones (had a missing period for over 3 years), eczema and not feeling good enough.

I am body and soul coach for spiritual women who want to look and feel their best so they make an impact in the world.

I help women see their inner beauty and power to help them get through any struggle.

Most importantly I help women love who they are and create a life they love.

Live inspired COFFEE TRIBE workout tank

I love coffee.  I love chocolate. I eat tahini out of the jar. I am obsessed with plantains. I love coconut water, kombucha, green juice as well wine and Irish coffee.

I am ACE certified personal trainer.


I am a sports nutritionist through Precision Nutrition.

ptsisters purely twins tribe

I love YOU, our tribe, our #ptsisters

Get your TRIBE tank here … thank you for the support!

You are why we do what we do.  If there is anything you want to learn or know from us leave a comment below!

I am a co-author of 4 gluten-free healthy cookbooks plus have online courses and ebooks.

Learn how to LIVE and HEAL eczema. I am 3 years of being eczema free and I chat with Abby from Prime Physique Nutrition and fellow eczema suffer. We chat about emotions, supplements and so much more. If you have eczema or know of someone who suffers I hope this serves you on your healing journey.

I shared my journey of healing eczema.

I develop healthy recipes.

I create and edit videos.

self love journal

I love self-development, personal and spiritual growth, self-love wellness and entrepreneurship things.

I am a shy person, but you may find me talking for hours about food, fitness, skin care, natural healing, beauty, online viz, health,  mindset and my travels.

fit soul movement essential oils

I am a independent product consultant for doTerra oils. My favorite essential oils that have helped my overall health and happiness.  They are a huge part of our lives especially part of our self-care routine – you can see our fit soul movement inside Purely Fit Life.

Family is everything to me.

Family photo outside Magic Kingdom. Disney photo pass. Disney family vacation.

I am aunt to the 3 most beautiful little girls.

I love Disney.  I like anything pirate related. I love Johnny Depp.

I am very passionate about self-love, self-discovery, spirituality, nutrition, and fitness and I share my findings here on the blog as well as through our emails and social media to inspire and empower you.

I love experimenting, so I can share what I learn with others. I want to help others learn their bodies. Learn to love their bodies. Take care of their whole selves.

Fit soul bosses LIVE workouts done at home to look and feel your best. You can work out with me LIVE every week – details here.

I love working out just as much as kicking my feet up and relaxing with a glass of wine or kombucha in hand! Or even better are bucha-rita or Irish coffee. 

brownies and crystals

I don’t believe in being perfect, but about being real, honest, vulnerable, and caring.

I am a certified raw foods chef. I love raw desserts. Well I love desserts in general.

I am on a personal journey of deepening my yoga practice…which apparently I cannot seem to do consistently.

Live inspired athletic clothing

I love creating things. I love my job. I am very passionate and ambitious.

I co-created a clothing line – Live Inspired.

I have learned a lot over the years and my view on life – food – diet – working out -wellness has changed! I believe in having fun and keeping this simple, and mostly importantly focus on you! Do what works for you.  Make sure to take care of yourself – physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. 

As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for new ways to make a bigger positive impact in the world. Lori and I’s intention every day is to show others what is possible.

If you want me to be your coach GO HERE and see what program is what you need.

If you are interested in using essentials in your life to build a business, work from home, create abundance, empower people to heal and spread natural solutions please come and join our Oily Team 🙂  Email us and let’s get you started – twins@purelytwins.com 

If you are interested in safer beauty and skin care products go here for more details.

michelle purelytwins

Remember – Love yourself. #Bepurelyyou

Join me, I am on a journey of self-discovery and self-confidence through self-love.

Love, xoxo


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