Power and prayer devotional

by purelytwins

Faith-focused workout program to help you become stronger in your prayer life and feel stronger in your body.

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We realize we are to take care of the bodies God gave us as well as use movement as another way to worship God.
To glorify Him by moving our bodies. 
To meditate deeper on scripture and reflect with God while we move our bodies.

Your place for doable and encouraging yet challenging faith workouts to grow you stronger and closer to God.

Remember to pray to God about everything. Bring Him into all areas of your life!

In this fitness devotion you 20 home workouts where we pray together and hear scripture as we move our bodies.

This power and prayer is a fitness faith devotion to help women of God get fit and healthy while growing closer to God.

We are still learning and growing, but these workouts give you challenging workouts that you can do on your own time. They don’t take a lot of time.

We are here to help you get stronger physically and spiritually while staying focused on Jesus.

This power and prayer is a new fitness faith devotion inside Move Faithfully where we help women of God get fit and healthy while growing closer to God.

Working out helps us show God we are committed, hard-working, and disciplined. Great qualities to have. Remember God gives us self-control so we have the ability to stay consistent and focused. Lean on Him for help with this if you need it. 

Again remember grace. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You will have good days and not so good. We all do. Try not to beat yourself up all the time but focus on HIM more!¬†

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Equipment needed for the workouts, but they are not required.

  • dumbbells
  • resistance bands
  • resistance band loops
  • chair or bench
  • mini exercise ball¬†

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