Our guide to improving digestion

by purelytwins

Hello friend.

Welcome to our guide to improving digestion through healing the gut!

We did a 30-day healing the gut journey were we took out many foods, spices and reduce our intensity of our workouts.  We share our plan here.

You can see what we ate specially each day.

You can see why we started the journey to help with our skin issues with pictures.

See some gut-friendly recipes here that we enjoyed during the 30 days.

Need more help and place to start:

See our 8 steps to start learning your body.

Foods to avoid and eat breakdown.

See how magnesium can help.

Great reads about fructose malabsorption and FODMaps.

We share our favorite brands of supplements.


We answer common questions and more questions.

We share our final thoughts on cleanse.

If you have any questions let us know. Remember every body is different so each health journey may be a little different.

Be purely you!



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