Fit Soul Boss

by purelytwins

Hey Gorgeous!

You do the work. You hustle. You try and try.

You’re tired of the struggle.

Despite all that you do for your health and body you feel you are constantly in crisis mode. And it’s impacting your whole life. Your stress levels, your career, your self-image, relationships, and finances.

You feel a bit down on yourself because you feel you should be further along.

You know the stuff.

Why the struggle still?  You’ve tried to fix it.


You can’t help feeling like you should be better by now. You should be happy and feeling strong and peaceful. Maybe starting to doubt if that is really possible – Fulfillment, joy, love for yourself. You start to doubt yourself more and not sure what to really do next.

We got you as that was us too!

We did more and more and got worse and worse.

So we ask you gorgeous…

What would it feel like to turn it all around? To live abundantly happy and healthy without struggle?

It’s time to stop doing more and go within.

It’s time to stop looking to outside things and go within.

It’s time to take care of your whole self – mind body spirit.

It’s time to unlock your full potential and stop the obsessions.

Join the movement.

Where we are on a mission to change how people workout and take care of themselves… mind, body and soul.

Click on the pink box below to join our tribe and learn the 5 Secrets To Get In Shape Fast & Be Healthy Without The Restrictions

Welcome to the fit soul boss tribe #fitsoulbosses

It is a tribe of active, health/wellness conscious, ambitious, spiritual, overcoming perfectionism, overwhelmed, frustrated women, moms and girls who want a break…

want to end the struggle with skin, health issues and body.

A tribe of women who empower each other to realize their value, worth and power.

A collaborative, supportive, judgment-free tribe who want to uplift themselves and others. A place for us all to evolve and grow together.

Become the boss of your mind and body to intentionally create an incredible healthy abundant life and a fit healthy body.

A life that excites you every morning you wake up!

We are here to help you create and live your fit soul boss life…loving yourself along the way.

We are about…

DOING LESS TO LIVE MORE.  Have the time, energy and focus to live our lives feeling and looking our best.

Stop obsessing. Start living.

Our mission is to help women by sharing our love of beauty (inside & out), essential oils, maintaining a healthy FIT body without working out for hours, building a resilient mindset, self-love, feeling strong to the core physically and emotionally…

Helping women gain peace of mind and rediscovering their true potential to help them be purely themselves…

to let go of the struggles…

to have the confidence and clarity to go after their dreams after so many years focused on healing their health/skin.

Realize they are enough and worthy of all that they desire and have the self-belief to accomplish what they want to do with their bodies and lives.

What is a fit soul boss??

She intentionally designs a life she loves in a body she loves doing what she loves to do.

Celebrates herself and supports others.


  •  has battle scars
  • shows up does the work as she knows the importance of doing the inner work
  • ask for help when she needs it
  • stays positive even when times are hard as she knows it is part of the journey
  • surrounds herself with like-minded women
  • into a natural holistic lifestyle but doesn’t believe in being perfect
  • relates to words like faith, manifesting, God, Universe, prayer, law of attraction
  • wants to live the most epic fulfilled abundant life while looking and feeling good
  • knows her power and wants to live up to her true potential every day
  • loves growing, learning and investing to take herself to the next level
  • thrives off short intense workouts and eating a balanced diet
  • is open to adjusting her perspective to see things differently
  • we see setbacks us lessons to strengthen us not to derail us

Click here to join our fit soul boss movement and start being the BOSS of your mind, body, and life.

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