Fit for Him fitness devotionals

by purelytwins

Fitness meets faith.

Here we help you steward the body God gave you and work out to glorify Him, and not worry about what the world tells you should you look like. 

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Working out has nothing to do with your salvation.

Yet, what we’ve discovered over the past 6 months the more we invite God into our everyday life things He changes us.

We personally want to find ways to spend more time with God.

And working out is one way you can do that.

We want to encourage you today, to invite God into your wellness routine.

Let Jesus transform you inside out while we help you not get bored in your workouts.

Get FIT for Christ.

Intense short workouts to help you BE strong physically. Followed my reflection on scripture to help you be strong spiritually.

Faith-focused workout program for women who love Jesus.

Exercise takes a lot of self-discipline, but here we combine Bible verses to add a worshipful purpose to your workout routine, by combining faith and fitness. 

Amidst our daily, busy lives and routines, it is essential that we intentionally set time to strengthen and prioritize our time with God, this is what we hope these workouts helps you with – putting God first – even with your fitness goals. 

Remember we shouldn’t obsess with exercise. It is just something we do to take care of our bodies. We are beautifully made in the image of God, so need to obsess with your body. This is just us all taking care of our mind body and spirit. 

We also work out to become confident in who God made us to be. To feel stronger in who you are so you are able to do what God needs you to do. And to have the strength to be a Christian. As life won’t be easy. So we need to stay strong spiritually and physically. 

Equipment needed for the workouts, but they are not required.

  • dumbbells
  • resistance bands
  • resistance band loops
  • chair or bench
  • mini exercise ball 

We are working out to take care of the bodies God gave us. 

We encourage you to leave around 30 minutes to do the full practice. 

Remember it is a practice. Don’t aim for perfection. 

Not every workout will be AMAZING, but remember everything you do is enough. 
It is not about being perfect, just do what you can in the season of life you are in. 

Our bodies need movement and our minds need to be filled up with the word of God.    See your workouts as another way to worship the Lord. 

Now let’s move our bodies and get stronger for God. 

Thank you for the support and help spread the gospel through fitness.

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