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Check out some popular posts of us answering readers questions:

Q and A part 1 – learn more about us 

Q and A part 2 – acne/skin care

Q and A part 3 – fitness/getting lean

Why do we eat gluten and grain-free?

What does being purely fit life in all parts of life mean:

  • strong mind
  • strong body
  • balance
  • beauty
  • healthy recipes
  • happiness

Here are some common questions we receive:

1) What is the best way to contact you?

Best way to reach us is by email at twins at purelytwins dot com

2) Why did you start a blog?

We struggle with acne, digestive issues, hormonal issues, among other health and fitness issues and we wanted to share our journey of healing with others.  We want to help others to reach their best health. To share what works and what does not work for us in hopes it helps someone else. Letting people know that they are not alone! Read more ABOUT US here.

We also have a HUGE passion for baking and cooking, and we wanted a place to share all our fun, crazy, and tasty recipes.

We wanted a place to share our life and what we are going through. Share our stories and experiences to help you live a better, healthier, more happier life.

3) Why the name Purely Twins?

We feel purely twins really describes us better. As we are twins and everything you see on this blog is purely us 🙂

4) What is it like to be twins?

It is the best thing in the world. You always have someone to support you, challenge you, and love you no matter what! Check our video of what differences there are in us.

You can read more about us here.

5) What gelatin do we like?

The Great Lakes which you can buy off Amazon.

6) What type of dog did Lori get?

A vizsla. Follow her journey with training and living with a vizsla.

7) What do we eat? 

We have changed our eating habits over the years for the most up-to-date of how we eat is getting our Eat Like Twins Workshop.

8)  You have two youtube channels correct?

Yes! We have purelytwins  and we vlog over on pure2rawtwins channel. We do most of our youtube videos now just on the PurelyTwins channel.

9) Where else can we find purelytwins?

Sharing photos and videos on instagram. And getting inspired over on pinterest.

10) How did we heal our acne and eczema?

Check out our latest video here. 

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