Why we changed math curriculums

by purelytwins

I am sharing my thoughts on why I decided to make the big switch in math curriculums in the middle of our first year homeschool.

Why did I stop Good and the Beautiful? Why did I decide on MATH-U-SEE? Are we liking the new math curriculum? How are things going with it? In today’s video I go over all this and more!

SWITCHED OUR MATH CURRICULUM MID-YEAR! WHY the switch from Good and Beautiful to MathUSee

I pretty much was so curious about what another math program would be like and see how my girls did with it.

I am glad we decided to give it a try.

This is one advantage to homeschooling.

When you want to try something else to see if works better you can.

Let me know if you heard of Math U See?

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