Half way through Classical Conversations, do I like it?

by purelytwins

I am sharing my thoughts half-way through our first year of doing Classical Conversations.

In the video I address:

Are we liking CC?

How are things going with it?

We use CC as our main spine for what we do and have a few things I add on to it like math, reading and handwriting.

Sharing my thoughts of doing Classical conversations for the first time

We are super grateful God lead us to CC.

Make sure you check out my previous videos sharing more:

How I use Classical Conversations memory work in my homeschool day

The additional resources I use to go along with Classical Conversations | Cycle 2

We are planning on doing CC next year and we will just be taking it a year at a time.

I know CC is not for every homeschool family, but for now it is working for us.

My girls love.

I love it.

We have made great friends through it.

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