Period underwear review (VLOG)

by purelytwins

Yes we are talking about period panties.

We hope today’s vlog serves you.

Before we being this is not sponsored.

We bought all of the period underwear with our own money and simply sharing this for those that are interested in hearing if they are worth it or not.

The opinions and views are our own.

We tried 3 brands. And it has been funny ever since working on this post for the past 2 days, we have seen more brands of these types of period panties out there.

But these are the ones we felt called to try when we did our first round of research back in 2019.

If you are tired of wasteful tampons and pads then period underwear could be a great option for you.

Girl talk : Period underwear review – Thinx, Joyja and Luna pads

Click here to watch on YouTube.

Like we mentioned in the video we personally were curious about period panties and didn’t want to keep adding to the waste of tampons and pads that are thrown out every month.

The period underwear protects you from leaks and provides a more sustainable option for women who don’t want to use tampons or pads.

YAY! That is us, what about you?

Most of the brands offer bundles where you can get some savings, and the companies run sales too so sign up for their newsletters and look out for them.

All the brands have a variety of styles and period blood flow ranges.

Like we said in video, our period is heavy for the first day and sometimes the 2nd. But then gets really light.

These work for our flow.

And all three are easy to wash. 

It is a bit gross at the start to rinse out the blood, but then you get used to it.

The 3 period underwear brands we tried:

1 – Thinx – This one we heard a lot about on social media and then eventually decided to buy some. This was the first kind we bought.

2 – Luna pads, but now called Period Aisle – We have not tried their recent ones, as they have changed since we bought them.

3 – Joyja – This was the last one we tried and found this company after doing more researching after the whole Thinx issue (details on that below).

We are aware there are a lot more period brands to choose from these days.

Crazy. Maybe we will try others, but right now these all work.

What do we think of the brands:

1 – Thinx – Even with the material issues, the underwear works great.

There have been claims about Thinx material not being safe.

You can read more here – 

Thinx responds to a report claim

Another article about Thinx menstrual understand has toxic chemicals in the crotch 

And one more about Thinx denying the claims

Hard to see this going on, which seems like a good company.

Do your own research and decide what you want to do.

Overall we still wear them mainly because we got them, and don’t feel like throwing out money when it works.

We also love how they are fighting for better access to puberty education and donating the undies.

2 – Luna pads (Period Aisle now) –  overall love the idea of it, that you just have to change out the inner lining, but we just personally didn’t feel comfortable. They are bulkier and not as smooth fitting. The liner folds up a lot. With all that said – it still works. We never had a leak even overnight.

3 – Joyja – This one is our favorite. It is pretty similar to Thinx in offerings and fit.

Love how they donate a pair of panties to someone in need every time you purchase.

Now for the styles we bought:

From Thinx’s classic line:

Cheeky – overall it works, it a tight fit on the body.  The price $30. The size we have is XS.

Thong – worked great for lighter days. We tend to wear these on our last 2 days. The price $24. The size we have is XS.

Hiphuggers – this style is our favorite. Very comfortable and works great. The price $34. Size XS.

Then from Thinx’s cotton line:

Cotton thong – again overall good, fits good. The price $24. Size XS.

Cotton bikini – very comfortable and fits good. The price $32. Size XS

From Luna :

The styles we have they no longer offer.

They have a new variety and style it looks like now.

Not sure will try as we are happy with the Joyja brand.

From Joyja :

Emily – shortie – this one is our favorite. Good for heavy and moderate flow. We love how it feels and the fit is great, and so comfortable. $25. Size small.

Olivia hipster – our second favorite. Good for moderate flow. $25. Size small.

Alice – breezy palms – we can’t seem to find this exact one on their site, it might have been a limited edition or something. But they have other Alice colors. We like the fit. It is snug and overall comfortable. Good for moderate flow. $25. Size small.

For lighter days we have 2 thongs from Joyja:

Lily $20 – Small

Leah – $20 – Small.

Between the two we like the Lily the best. We find it fits better.

Overall we love the idea of period panties. We don’t feel gross in them, although at the start it was an adjustment. But each period it got easier and easier and honestly we don’t see us really going back to tampons and pads.

Period underwears are great for those of us that desire reusable and sustainable sanitary products.

But as we mentioned in the video, the one downside is traveling. We are not sure they are good if you have to travel as you don’t always have access to a washer.

Let us know your thoughts on period underwear. Have you tried any?

We hope our little girl chat helped you.

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