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In today’s video, it is a vlog – we review a new beauty product that we purchased a few months ago.

Many of you asked over in Instagram what face and skin products we are using, but before we share a more updated skincare routine video we wanted to share our thoughts on this new product.

As you will see in this video we also chat about beauty and what came through us in our personal Bible study, PLUS what we currently use on our skin.

Review of Beauty Bio skincare products, plus how God is changing us around beauty products.

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An important beauty chat plus the new skincare we are using called DIME beauty

This is an area that the Holy Spirit has convicted us in as we discussed in this video sharing our new thoughts around clean living.

We pray that our story and thoughts help you see skincare differently.

Be careful not to make your beauty routines or the products you use idols in your life.

Just enjoy the ones you have access to and be grateful for them.

As Christians we know beauty and makeup can be a touchy subject, and we pray we all can see this is not an area we need to fight over.

Focus on your skin and what you can afford.

We have been using BeautyBio since January 2021 and overall like the products. The woman that owns it seems to really care about women’s skin and what’s to create really good products.

Here is the list of products we bought:

The Balance – the face wash – $35 – we feel worth it

The Daily – morning vitamin C – $75 – it did okay

The Nightly – nighttime retinol serum – $95 – did okay too

Skin prep pads – $35 – worth it if you prefer these for swiping your face

Zenbubble – moisturizer for acne skin – we liked it $65

Ultimate – vitamin C moisturizer – we liked it too $75

And then we got her best seller – R45 – The Reversal $150. A 3-part retinol product line. -We noticed some improvement in the overall brightness of our skin, debating if we will do it again or not. We will keep you updated.

We currently don’t use Beautycounter in this area, but still use some of their products elsewhere in our skincare.

We found some of the products from BeautyBio to be worth the price as others good, yet no big change in our skin.

Similiar to Beautycounter.

Both beauty products we would still recommend. Great companies and if you feel called to them, go for it.

But we are excited to use DIME. It is more affordable and so far our skin loves it!

Let us know if you have heard of Beautybio and Dime, and what are your thoughts on them?

We love you all.

God loves you.

Thanks for being here and part of our online family. We are very grateful.


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