Things are shifting

by purelytwins

Things are shifting over here.

So #fitsoulbosses what does this mean?

For right now, just know that things are shifting over here for us and what we plan to do moving forward with our business and content.

These past few weeks have been an incredible journey of our eyes being open to the truth.

Getting ready for our testimony back to Jesus.

Please share this video for anyone it would help.

Listen here on our podcast – episode 4 :

We know this alone might make some uncomfortable – do know we still love and welcome everyone. But we want to let you know this change and if you want to hang around, we would love to have you on this journey. If you decide we are no longer for you & want to unfollow, we understand and wish you all the best.

Things are shifting over here! Make sure you subscribe to our podcast and if you enjoyed it please leave a review.

Make sure you subscribe to our podcast!

We would love for you to leave a review as this helps spread our message.

We appreciate the love and support.

We love you so much.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode!

If you can think of anyone you know that would benefit from this episode, please share it with them right now!

Thank you!

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