FREE 21-day Move & Shift Challenge

by purelytwins

Hello, beautiful #fitsoulbosses!

We know there is a lot going on in the world right now. We think it is a blessing for us all to become even more aware of what is happening to create change for the future.

We kept asking God how can we be of service, and the idea for this challenge came to mind.

Our intention with this is to help people move their bodies and then journal to shift…

to rediscover your own beliefs around racism and equality.

And a place for us to be accountable in a safe community.

Fitness and faith challenge to move and shift to be part of the change

Please share this with your girlfriends as we want us all to do this uncomfortable work together.

Thank you so much for your support.

Together we will do the daily work required for change – the inner work!

This leads to action.

We personally need to hear more from God right now, maybe you do too?

If you feel triggered by this or makes you feel uncomfortable OR you find yourself saying I don’t need to do this…

probably means you do because it is easy to want to just stay comfortable.

We know most of us don’t want to cause more trouble, confrontation etc, we are women of faith who just want to make the world a better place.

Well, come do the work with us.

Yes, we will be doing some deep tough questions.

This challenge isn’t an end-all to racism, but just the start of the conversation.

We are not saying anyone is racist or anything, but we all need to start being more aware of the system in place and how is it really benefiting ourselves and not fair to others.

We want you to approach this with an open mind, open heart, & curiosity.

Starting July 6th we are running a FREE 21-day move and shift challenge combining short workouts with journal work to reflect on our beliefs, bias, and start the uncomfortable conversations. And to keep us accountable in doing the work.

Free 21-day Move and Shift challenge to help us do the inner work required to change and reflect on our beliefs around racism.


We want us all to come together, move our bodies, and do the inner work required to change. The routines will only be 15 minutes long.

As believers in the Lord, we believe we all have to do the work spiritually inside of us to create the change externally.

Be an ally to our black brothers and sisters.

God, we invite you to help us all shift.

We will admit we are scared to do this, but God put it on our hearts.

And well we trust in him, and we want to be part of the change.

Small shifts every day to create momentum forward…

To help us gain more understanding and truth in our lives of the white privilege, and to shift.

As believers in the Lord, we believe we all have to do the work spiritually inside of us to create the change externally.

This is an on-going process.

Go here to join us to move and shift.

Sending you love and healing,


Lori and Michelle

Hello and we want to be friends, come over and join our online family of #fitsoulbosses from all over

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