Ep 25: Time for change…we pray…

by purelytwins

IN TODAY’S EPISODE, we chat about the uncomfortable conversation around skin color and equality. We are owning up to our white privilege and ready to do the work.

Let us know your thoughts. This is a safe, open loving place to be you and your words matter.

We hope this episode served you.

We’ve been listening and learning. Although more to do – more to learn and unlearn.

We will continue to do the work. We all got work to do. We need to stop the cycle.⁣⁣

We stand for equality and will continue to stand up and support, not just now but every day moving forward. We want to be part of the change.⁣⁣
We are fighting because all people are here for a reason, they have gifts and talents.

What we have done thus far and will continue to do with intention & love:⁣⁣
Reflected on ourselves (our beliefs, actions, words).⁣⁣
Listened and watched from our others speaking up and sharing about racism, equality, and just overall what is happening in the world. We have been sharing them in our stories as well.⁣
Bought books on these tough topics as change is hard and uncomfortable but that is where healing starts.⁣⁣
Supported black-owned businesses.⁣⁣
We have signed petitions and will use our money to support black women organizations for moms and children.

Over on Instagram we have been learning from:⁣

Check them all out. Watch. Listen. Pray. Act.⁣

We also have leaned even closer to God on our next steps in helping and asking him what’s the truth and root of the problem so we can change it.
We will all show support differently, it is just important you are DOING something.⁣⁣

We like this quote from Lindsay Young that @theccync shared (go check them out), “Do not feel guilty for not occupying every lane. We need ALL of them.” ⁣⁣
Some people will want to protest, others will speak loudly, others will make changes in the classroom, some will help heal, some are donating money, some our educating themselves, and God will use people to start changing things in their house and have tough conversations.⁣⁣

Love one another.⁣⁣
Forgive. ⁣
Support. ⁣


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