Ep 22: This will help you be more authentically you & build mental toughness

by purelytwins

IN TODAY’S EPISODE, we share our thoughts on mental toughness through exercise and how aligning with your workouts makes you feel more authentically you.

We hope this episode served you.

For us movement is more than physical. Something we have talked about many times. Working out helps build resiliency in us so we are better able to handle the ups and downs of lives.

When we were in our 20s our focus was on sweat more, work out for hours, burn off what we ate, & keep us at a certain weight.

Leaving us damaging our hormones and overall health & mental wellbeing.⁣

Now in our 30s, our focus is how we feel and lately more on the function of our bodies as we want our bodies to continue to perform well as we plan to work out for life.⁣

The way we move…we favor more HIIT workouts over yoga…because it helps us feel more authentically us. So our confidence is better. Our mood and overall wellbeing are better. We show up better.

Find a way of moving your body that feels like you.

Make your focus be more on feeling stronger in yourself and less on appearance. See how much stronger you feel mentally and spiritually because of your workouts.

We also share in this episode a message to young girls.



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