Ep 21: Mindset to have in hard times (Thrive not just survive)

by purelytwins

IN TODAY’S EPISODE, we share our thoughts on how we are all here to thrive not just survive.

We hope this episode served you.

This episode was inspired as we are all still adjusting to how life is during this covid19 times.

And experiencing hard times in life are part of the journey. No one gets out of them.

We both had many times of struggle, being depressed not sure how we could go on.

Lori battled adult acne and I (Michelle) battled eczema.

We are here to remind you of the mindset you need to have when going through rough times.

So many people are unfortunately just surviving instead of thriving.
But God wants you to thrive!

You need to shift your mind, beliefs, and energy to not be in the “just get by” type of mentality but you are here to thrive and deserve better.

Many have forgotten who they truly are (children of God) and have learned to just settle.

We did before we got into all this self-growth stuff a few years ago.

#fitsoulbosses start waking up expecting God’s goodness…that good things are happening to you today!


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