Ep 3: Opening up about being single

by purelytwins

IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I, Michelle, get real and vulnerable about how I feel about being single over 30.

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I hope this episode served you.

Like I said I don’t want anyone feeling bad if they are single but to see it as a good thing. A time for self-discovery.

And if you are single, great. If you are married or in a relationship, great.

All is good. Nothing is better than the other.

don’t judge others because their life looks different than yours…

or that they are doing things or NOT doing things that you are or are not doing.

we all need to stop judging and criticizing others…

we all need to stop shaming ourselves because our “life” doesn’t look a lot like others around the same age or so…

drop the number!

Just like the number on the scale doesn’t define you neither does how old you are and if you are married, have kids and have a successful career.

We all have different journeys…

Your life isn’t supposed to look like others.

Just like how you hear all the time, how boring would it be if we all looked the same…

Do you.

Get to know you.

Focus on how you are BEING as a person.

How are you treating yourself? Others?

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