Manifesting habits we do daily that changed our lives

by purelytwins

In today’s video, we are sharing manifesting habits we do daily that will help you manifest your dream life.

Manifesting habits we do daily that have improved our lives

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Want to manifest your dream life?

It starts with your daily habits and who you are being as a person.

What are your daily actions? Thoughts? Feelings?

All of these are creating your life alongside your beliefs.

These are the manifesting habits we do that have changed our lives and we hope this video serves you in helping you create habits to help you manifest your dream life.

We are all worthy of having an incredible life.

Start seeing yourself as worthy!

Because you are worthy!

Want to manifest your dream life? Here are some daily habits to help improve your life. These are the manifesting habits we do that have changed our lives. #manifesting #selfgrowth #mindset #loa #faith


 OUR BIG manifesting stories

Tips when manifesting a body you love

How we deal with our current reality when manifesting

Ending the mindset you are bad and not doing enough

How we get into manifesting – our story…/change-this-negative-self-talk-habit-to-stop-feeling-stuckYou don’t need to be perfect but you need to be this to get results

How to deal with the gray areas, staying positive with the ups and downs

Making peace with the past to manifest

Change the stories to change your life

Tips to make affirmations work and why they aren’t working for you

Our faith and beliefs about God


Enjoy fit soul bosses! We love you.

We love being able to help other women learn to love their bodies and exercise better not harder.

If you want to see how we got started improving our mindset and overall improving our relationship with ourselves, food and our bodies check out SOSL.

In this online course, we share everything we came across that helped us shift our mindset and therefore learned to love ourselves and change our lives. It is more than just a food body love program, it’s a mindset self-love program to help you stop obsessing and start living the life you are meant to live!

It’s a daily practice to hold faith and keep going.

If you want to see what we do daily for our minds, bodies, and souls, click here to see if we are the right coaches for you:

Sending you love and healing,


Lori and Michelle

Make sure you get yourself some fit soul boss shirts to remind you of who you are and affirm you are beautiful, worthy and enough every time you wear them. So every time you wear the shirt you are affirming who you really are.

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