Ep: 3 Powerful Health Affirmations

by purelytwins

Hey fit soul boss welcome back to another episode.

IN TODAY’S EPISODE, we provide you powerful health affirmations to help you focus on good health and healing.

We know with the corona virus not getting sick is on a lot of people’s minds.

But you need to focus on HEALTH, not sickness and we hope these affirmations help you do just that.

Sending you love and healing.

Listen to this as often as you need. It takes time to rewire your mind. Say them out loud or listen while you are in the car, cleaning the house, or say them with your family.


Do this to be happy and successful

Dnd the mindset you are bad and not doing enough and drop the guilt

How I healed my eczema by healing my emotions + Affirmation rant to heal eczema

The best positive affirmations to say daily to be your best fit and healthiest self

Say these affirmations for healthy skin | Heal eczema & acne

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Thank you!

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