How I healed my eczema by healing my emotions

by purelytwins

In today’s video, I am sharing a story that I never shared before. It was right before my eczema got worse.

I feel so many overlook our emotional health. We focus so much on our diet, supplements, lotions and all the outside stuff to heal our eczema.

But what is going on outside is because of what is happening inside.

How I healed my eczema by healing my emotions + Affirmation rant to heal eczema

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Around the 11:43 – 12:12 mark of the video not sure what happened, but the audio is still there.

Having eczema alone causes us to feel depressed and all.

I remember hating going out in public because people would stare at me and think I was dirty.

So for me when I look back having major digestive problems, gut dysbiosis, candida, imbalanced hormones due to all the dieting I did and overexercise…

and then on top of all that SUPPRESS my emotions….

no wonder my skin just exploded.

My body was trying to tell me I need to start healing inside.

Can you relate to any of this?

I still am learning more about emotional healing, but I wanted to share this now to bring awareness to you.

Links to the articles I quoted in  the video:

The gut-brain connection 

Diseases and conditions the gut-brain connection 

Mental illness and inflammation of the gut

Wellness and prevention the brain-gut connection 

Eczema emotional wellness

Remember suppressing our feelings and emotions forces the body to expel this toxicity through my skin.

I am sharing this because no matter how old you are, we have experienced some type of emotional trauma.

I believe a lot of health and skin issues today are caused by our emotions.

Check out this video for more thoughts on emotional healing .

If you want your skin to heal you need to address the emotional and spiritual world and then your body will follow.

You need action but you need to make peace to get clear on the actions.

And my friend Abby shared it, which I am affiliate of her Eczema Conquerors program. If you have eczema do check it out as Abby suffered from severe eczema too and has healed her, and is now helping others.

I learned a lot of emotions and health issues from Louise Hay’s book Heal your body and Feelings buried alive never die by Karol Truman

The diet book I recommend is – Digestive Health with Real Food by Aglaee Jacob

I highly recommend Karol Truman’s book if you want to read more about what I mentioned in the video about kids with eczema and how the mother’s emotions affected her kid. Both need to heal!

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How I healed my eczema by healing my emotions + Affirmation rant to heal eczema. I share a story I never shared before plus talk about kids and eczema. Your emotions - the real cause of eczema and skin issues?? #eczema #emotionalhealth #wellness

Things to remember from this video

    • Heal your emotional wounds.
    • God wants you to heal. You have to believe it is God’s WILL for you to heal.
    • Faith is knowing it is God’s will to heal you.
    • Make peace with yourself and your past.
    • Know it is safe to express yourself.
    • Moms need to heal their emotional wounds to help heal their kids’ skin.
    • Give thanks to God for healing you before you are even healed.
    • Create your own spiritual self-love practice. If you want to see what we do check out FSM.
    • Essential oils can help heal emotional wounds. I like rose and lavender.

I hope you enjoy the affirmation rant I do at the end of the video.  I recommend you do it every day.

Feel what you need to heal. It is safe. You are safe. You are important.

AFFIRMATIONS SCRIPT TO SAY DAILY: (feel and see yourself healed!) 

I release the patterns in my subconscious mind and consciousness that created this condition, eczema. I am open and willing to change.

I release all negative false limiting thoughts that created this in me.

Spirit, Please remove all negativity from my body that does not align with God’s love and truth.

And fill me with God’s love, light, forgiveness and perfection.

I am releasing the old and making room for the new.

My beliefs are…

I choose to believe I am at peace.
I am at peace.
I feel at peace.
I accept myself.
I forgive others.
I am free.
It is safe for me to express my emotions.
It is safe for me to be me.
I am powerful and can make my own decisions.
I am understanding and easily understood.
Harmony and peace, love and joy surround me and are within me.
I choose to believe I am safe and secure.
I am safe and secure.
I am at peace just where I am.
I accept my good, knowing all my needs and desires will be fulfilled.
I deserve and accept the very best in life.
I choose to believe I love and approve of myself.
I love and approve of myself.
Every day it gets better and better.
It only goes up from here.
I am whole and complete.
I feel whole and complete.
I am healed.
I calm and relaxed as I know everything is working in my favor and I am safe.
Thank you God for healing me.
Thank you God healing is flowing into me.
Thank you that I am getting better.
Thank you God that you already healed me.
Thank you for my abundant victorious life.
It is done.

digestive health with real food book to heal eczema

Here is the book I followed for my eczema diet.

When I learned how my skin condition and overall wellbeing manifested – not only from my past with dieting, having a body relationship with my body and exercise, but also the emotional/metaphysical.

Your mind is the most healing tool you have access to.

If you want to see how we got started improving our mindset and overall improving our relationship with ourselves, food and our bodies check out SOSL.

In this online course we share everything we came across that helped us shift our mindset and therefore learned to love ourselves and change our lives. It is more than just a food body love program, it’s a mindset self-love program to help you stop obsessing and start living the life you are meant to live!

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It’s a daily practice to hold faith and keep going.

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Sending you love and healing,


Lori and Michelle

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