You don’t need to be perfect to get results but you need to BE and DO this…

by purelytwins

A common response we get from our tribe is that they struggle with being consistent with working out and/or eating well to take care of their bodies to be fit and healthy that works for them.

What about you?

You have heard us say many times that we believe in being consistent NOT perfect.

Being consistent is not the same as being perfect when it comes to your health and fitness.

Let’s dive into this soul sister chat…

How we stay consistent with fitness and wellness routines

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Consistency is better than being perfect to become the person you need to be to get results to be a fit and healthy person.

Years ago, we used to strive for perfection.

We used to have an all-or-nothing mindset.

Do you resonate with that too? So many women do.

But deep at our core we always saw ourselves as fit and healthy. Our self-image was that we just are fit and healthy people.

It was who we were. That is who we were BEing.

Now that we have been raising and expanding our level consciousness and have much more self-awareness we realized that – THAT was the key for us being able to be overall consistent with exercising and eating well.

We were BEing the person who just does that. Does that make sense?

Yes we did go through a period of time when were so obsessed with perfection with our food and body which turned into an unhealthy obsession, which we have shared about before.

But again … we identified ourselves (our self-image)  as fit and healthy so it was “easy” for us to consistent with exercise.

We say “easy” in the sense that it just came naturally for us to work out consistently and form better eating habits.

When you start being the person you need to be… certain habits and actions will become natural and easy for you overtime.

A common response we get from our tribe is that they struggle with being consistent with working out and eating well. What about you? Being consistent is not the same as being perfect when it comes to your health and fitness. Come learn how we stay consistent with fitness and wellness routines so you can too!


Things to remember from this video

    • You have to BE the person who sees herself as fit and healthy.
    • Start to identify as a person who is consistent. It is just who you are. Like, you are someone who workouts because you do, it’s who you are, not because you do it to lose weight.
    • You understand that you don’t have to be perfect.
    • Focus on who you are BEING.
    • Consistency is key because repetition is more important than perfect. It’s the small gains that add up to big results.
    • What is consistency mean to you? Spend time figuring this out so you can find what you can commit yourself to.
    • Drop the all-or-nothing mindset, even around being consistent. Don’t get so stressed over being perfect.
    • See your progress over a longer timeline not based on a single day.

Not being perfect won’t have major measurable impact on your long-term habits.

So remember to practice self-compassion and see how you can have more FUN with being consistent.

Fit soul boss you are doing enough!

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Sending you love and healing,


Lori and Michelle

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