Manifesting tips: Dealing with the gray area, staying positive with the ups and downs

by purelytwins

We came across this old video.

It was filmed about a year ago when we just moved back to Florida and living in a rental.

We were dealing with a lot of questions, doubts…and we wanted to share this video because the manifesting tips we gave were GREAT reminders we needed to hear again.

We wanted to pass them onto you as well in case you are in the same waiting period.

Manifesting tips: dealing with the gray area, waiting period, all the doubts, how to keep believing it’s going to happen

Please share this video with your girlfriends who would benefit from this video.

This video was filmed before Lori got her dream home, which you can see her manifesting dream home story here.

You can hear more manifesting tips here when we shared that we were moving to Florida.

We understand what it is like to want something, didn’t get it.

We understand what it is like to still be waiting for something to manifest.

Just remember…

When something doesn’t work out it just means it wasn’t supposed to and something better is coming.

and everything is still working out for  YOU! Even if it might not look like it, keep believing in yourself and what you are manifesting.

Keep affirming that things only getter better.

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Our Manifesting tips: dealing with the gray area, waiting period, all the doubts, how to keep believing it's going to happen, how to deal with the ups and downs of manifesting your desires

Things to remember from this video

    • It’s important to feel what you need to feel. There is a reason we were all born with ALL the emotions. Each one is meant for us to feel.
    • Be grateful for everything in your life now and for everything that is happening.
    • Realize EVERYTHING is happening for a reason. It’s all part of your journey.
    • To do lots of forgiveness work. So many of us are so hard on ourselves.
    • If something didn’t happen trust it was for the great good and something BETTER will come.
    • Allow yourself to cry.
    • Journal how you feel, what you want, why you want it. Keep journaling and asking God for guidance.
    • Never stop believing if when things are falling apart. If you desire it, it feels good, then it is yours.
    • Don’t worry what others will think of you if you get what you desire. Your desires are meant FOR YOU!

You have to show gratitude for where you are now even if it’s not where you want to be!

Life is going to have ups and downs. Times you are feeling good and other times a hot mess.

But again it’s all on purpose. Then more you can lean into trusting that the more fun and easier things become.

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Sending you love and healing,


Lori and Michelle

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