Can I heal my eczema if I just quit worrying about diet and believe?

by purelytwins

Addressing a fellow eczema sufferer Kristin’s question…

We are super excited to dive into this topic as it is a part of healing no one really talks about…

along both Lori healing our acne and me healing my eczema we have learned a few key things to heal that are not quite what you think.

I shared the other day about celebrating being eczema free for over 4 years over on Instagram.

And my friend Abby shared it, which I am affiliate of her Eczema Conquerors program. If you have eczema do check it out as Abby suffered from severe eczema too and has healed her, and is now helping others.

You can see all my eczema posts here.

Okay let’s get to this video…

Can I really heal if I just quit worrying about diet and believe? Is it enough to heal eczema & acne?

Please share this video with your girlfriends who would benefit from this video.

Let us know if this resonates with you ?

Does it make sense that yes it is enough because it leads to you what to do to heal?

Check out this video for more thoughts on emotional healing .

If you want your skin to heal you need to address the emotional and spiritual world and then your body will follow.

You need action but you need to make peace to get clear on the actions.

Ask yourself, how can I make peace with this, what thoughts and beliefs do I need to make peace with it?

Then trust & BELIEVE you will receive guidance.

Also ask yourself, what can I do to feel joy? As it has been proven joy HEALS.

How much positive vibes like, joy, love, excitement and gratitude do you have in your life?

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If we had acne and eczema now, what would we do

Can I really heal if I just quit worrying about my diet and believe? Is it enough to heal eczema & acne? Sharing our thoughts answering a readers question. You need to make peace, stop stressing over food and do this instead. If you do this your skin will heal.

Things to remember from this video

    • You need both spiritual and emotional healing first then your body will follow
    • Making peace means no longer fighting yourself.
    • Stop questioning why you have this and ask yourself what can I do to heal
    • You do need to find a way of eating that is peaceful and doesn’t add more stress to your body. Come at it from a place of love and curiosity instead of guilt and fear. Many of stress too much over diet. Focus on that food is healing.
    • Don’t hold anything in. Feel all emotions. Many of us trapped emotions in our bodies and are manifesting into skin and health problems.
    • Make a list of everything that you have a lot of negativity around, including all the emotions that come up for you when you think about your healing journey. Then start making peace and forgive.
    • Make peace. Don’t make it mean anything about you that you have it. Stop caring what caused it.
    • Our bodies are made to heal. God designed them that way. Believe you can heal!
    • Stop googling and focus on your spirit, your emotions, your thoughts.


How stressed are you over the food you are eating? Stressed over what to eat or not? Stressed over not being healed yet?

How are you perceiving, interacting, believing and feeling each day? Consciously and subconsciously.

If you are becoming overwhelmed with what to do and what not to do, what to eat and what is triggering you, this may be the reason that’s keeping you in the place you are in.

digestive health with real food book to heal eczema

Here is the book I followed for my eczema diet.

When you are stressed: 

  • Put your body into a sympathetic state which shuts off your immune and healing system because you body is in the fight or flight response. It’s not focused on healing.
  • It weakens your organs so they are not running how they are supposed to
  • Shut off the part of your brain that allows you to receive the wisdom and steps on what to do

Your thoughts and emotions have the biggest impact on your biochemical reactions that are happening in your body. They affect your immune and nervous system every day.

Your mind is the most healing tool you have access to.

If you want to see how we got started improving our mindset and overall improving our relationship with ourselves, food and our bodies check out SOSL.

In this online course we share everything we came across that helped us shift our mindset and therefore learned to love ourselves and change our lives. It is more than just a food body love program, it’s a mindset self-love program to help you stop obsessing and start living the life you are meant to live!

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It’s a daily practice to hold faith and keep going.

If you want to see what we do daily for our minds, bodies and souls, click the image below to see if we are the right coaches for you:

Sending you love and healing,


Lori and Michelle

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