2 surprising things that helps us end our body images (& our food and health issues)

by purelytwins

Super excited for today’s video…

as it hits on a subject everyone struggles with…

body image…feeling comfortable in your skin.

Whenever we ask online if you struggle with body image…so many say YES!

Well, we are here to stop that and turn it around.

Because if we can overcome our poor body image so can you.

2 surprising things that helped us overcome our skin, health, food and body image issues.

Please share this video with your girlfriends who would benefit from this video.

In this video Michelle shared some thoughts on body image after not working out for 5 weeks, so make sure you check that one out too.

Let us know if these 2 things were unexpected to hear helping overcome body image?

The world will look like whatever we focus on – your perception of things is what you see.

Would you agree?

Most of us, the default attention is focused on what’s wrong…what’s broken…leading us to nowhere but more pain.

We all don’t want to experience more pain, but to heal we have to feel what we need to feel.

As we mentioned in the video emotional healing is so important!!

Find a more empowering meaning of why you are going through it. How can you help someone else that is going through something like it?

Really turn your focus onto other things like your biz, taking on new hobbies, get a side job, get outside more, volunteer, etc.

Find things that bring you more joy and make you happy.

Create a spiritual practice. Deepen your connection with yourself and God.

This is what we do in our fit soul movement membership pretty much every day. Simple self-care routines to keep our minds focused on what we want while rewiring our brain and creating more empowering beliefs.

If we can do it, so can you.

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How to get over body image issues. In this video we share 2 surprising things that helped us overcome our skin, health, food and body image issues. You can start loving your body too. #selflove #bodypeace #mindset #selfgrowth

Things to remember from this video

    • You are more than your body. You have a soul in your body. Need to take care of both.
    • Be in of service. Help others more.
    • Shift your focus on other things that can consume your mind.
    • Find a bigger reason for your pain. Turn your pain into purpose.

If you want to see how we got started improving our mindset and overall improving our relationship with ourselves, food and our bodies check out SOSL.

In this online course we share everything we came across that helped us shift our mindset and therefore learned to love ourselves and change our lives. It is more than just a food body love program, it’s a mindset self-love program to help you stop obsessing and start living the life you are meant to live!

Need more help with the mindset shifts to improve your relationship with food? Click here to get access to our Eat like the Twins workshop.

It’s a daily practice to hold faith and keep going.

If you want to see what we do daily for our minds, bodies and souls, click here to see if we are the right coaches for you:

Sending you love and healing,


Lori and Michelle


Make sure you get yourself some fit soul boss shirts to remind you of who you are and affirm you are beautiful, worthy and enough every time you wear them. So every time you wear the shirt you are affirming who you really are.

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[…] 2 surprising things that helped us overcome our skin, health, food and body image issues […]


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