Change this negative self-talk habit stop feeling stuck

by purelytwins

This habit you need to change to improve self-talk to start creating your best life where you are living up to your fullest potential and feeling so fulfilled in life is…


We discuss the importance of being aware of this habit if you truly want to see change…to stop feeling stuck in your life.

It came at the right because I (Michelle) could either keep saying this is just something I am experiencing or let it become the story that I always get health issues. 

Negative self-talk habit to change to stop feeling stuck and to see a change in your life

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We hope sharing some of the stories we use to say helps you to start to see what stories you are saying to yourself.

This way you can be aware of them and decide if it’s a story you want to keep saying or change it.

We tell our stories countless times a day with ourselves and to others.

We are retelling them all the time.

From the experiences we have, our surroundings, the people that we come into contact with, just about everything in our lives goes into making us the people we become.

Change this negative self-talk habit stop feeling stuck. There are certain stories and words you are saying over and over that are keeping you stuck. In this video we share how to be more aware of them so you can change your life. If we can so can you. You are the hero in your life. #mindset #selflove #manifesting

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Do you believe the stories we tell ourselves become our reality?

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Things to remember from this video

  • Be aware of the stories you keep telling yourself and choose to create new ones if you don’t like it
  • Ask yourself, what stories am I telling myself
  • Keep affirming that things are working out for you
  • When you come across your negative stories, challenge it by asking, is this the truth?

Be aware of these words you are saying…

  • I can’t
  • I always
  • I never
  • I should
  • I suck at
  • I wish
  • I am trying to
  • I am not good enough
  • I don’t have
  • I shouldn’t

It’s a daily practice to keep telling yourself your new story.

If you don’t like the story you are telling yourself, tell yourself a different story.

Remember you are the hero of your own story.

You have no control over what’s done, but you have control, right now, over what you do next.

Make sure you have a daily practice in place to help you.

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Lori and Michelle

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