Health update and why I will not be working out for a month

by purelytwins

It’s Michelle here.

I wanted to do a video about what I am currently facing with my health.

I asked over on Instagram and Facebook if fellow fit soul bosses wanted to hear what I am experiencing and my thoughts on it.

73% said yes.

If you don’t know, I have experienced 3 sinus infections, so that has been 3 rounds of antibiotics.

And now on round 4 because it came back.

4th round of antibiotics, not exercising for a month and mindset ramblings

Please share this video with your girlfriends who would benefit from this video.

My doctor and I discussed a lot of things and came up with the plan as I mentioned in the video from taking the antibiotic, nasal spray, neti pot and taking Zyrtec again.

I am also doing mindset/spiritual things like:

  • Keeping up with my immune essential oil pill
  • Saying and listening to positive affirmations – Many of them I got from Louise Hay’s book Heal Your Body.
  • I am firmly declaring that this is it. This is the last treatment and it will be 100% gone.
  • I set my intention before taking my first antibiotic pill.

Thursday, June 13 was day 1.

I am on the antibiotic for 2 weeks.

The antibiotic is a very strong one, that my doctor doesn’t give out much due to the side effects. We discussed all my options and decided I will take it and stop working out while I healed. As this antibiotic has a high risk of getting tendinitis.

I plan to take a full month off from exercise, maybe longer.

Let me know below if you want me to do a video more on this – taking a break from working – my thoughts and mindset around it.

I have done this twice before to heal! And it works so I know this is what I need to do.

This experience has also made me more grateful for the medicine we have access today.

Yes I am an advocate of more natural ways of healing, but I also do believe God created the doctors and scientists to create the medicine we have today. So I am being more grateful for traditional medicine as well as having access to other alternative medicines as well.

Health Update. 4th round of antibiotics, not exercising for a month and mindset ramblings. A loaded video and we want your opinions on when things happen and they just do vs it means more inner work to do. #mindset #personaldevelopment #selflove #naturalhealing

We all have things that happen in our lives.

Sometimes yes it means stuff is coming up as a sign or a message for us.

But we also believe some things are just happening because they are.

There doesn’t did to be a BIG reason why.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Things to remember from this video

  • Stick to your wellness routines even when you are feeling better.
  • Yes we still believe in the power of essential oils.
  • Show more gratitude for having medicine, doctors we do today. Show more gratitude for your body, your organs, your senses and overall health
  • Slow down and reflect on the stories you are telling yourself like, things have to hard, or things have to be a struggle…that bad things always happen to you….you are always the one struggling with health issues

We believe God wants us all to prosper and thrive in life.

So it’s time to let the struggle stories go, would you agree?

I am not making this a big deal that I got this sinus infection. It is just something I am facing.

I am being more aware of the stories I am telling myself.

I have accepted it and now have my plan to heal it for good.

WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR OPINIONS – when do you take something that is happening to you and just accept it as it is vs it’s a sign for more inner work?

We will do another video sharing our thoughts on that as well as share from all of you your thoughts.

Make sure you have a daily practice in place to help you.

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Lori and Michelle

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