How to end the all or nothing mindset with food

by purelytwins

Food is always going to be around. So we are here to end the diet chats around all or nothing.

We are here to tell you that you don’t have to be perfect with your diet.

All or nothing mentality means you have to go ALL in if you want to achieve great results. You have to be perfect, or you might as well not even bother. You either stay on the “diet” and do everything correctly, or you screw up because you ate ice cream and fall back to old habits.

That one “bad meal” or eating something off your diet turns into an entire day of “bad” eating because you tell yourself, “I already screwed up. So what’s the difference. I’ll just start again tomorrow.”

So it’s either ALL or nothing.

Can you relate?

How to end the all or nothing mindset with food to finally get results


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We all generally know what to eat.

The issue is more of feeling we have to be perfect with our diet or we feel like failures…leaving us feeling more like a failure.

But life happens!

You might get sick, or have to work late at work, or an old friend comes into town.

Back in college, we had the mindset we would be GOOD all week and then just let loose on the weekends.

The word “cheat” was something we used a lot around our diet. Not something we are proud of.

We carried a lot of guilt for years for all that we did with our body and food.

We used to wait until 11:59 on Sunday to keep pigging out on things like cookies, mint chocolate chip ice cream and brownies! We would say, “It’s not Monday yet. We can keep eating. Monday we will start over.”

Has this happened to you before?

how to end the all or nothing mindset with food

Now with our more flexible relaxed approach to eating, we don’t beat ourselves up for eating donuts during the week.

No more “be clean all week then cheat on weekends” conversations anymore.

We all know now that restricting ourselves doesn’t work.

We personally spent years and years eating SOOOO much food on the weekends because we restricted to much during the week. Not healthy…

Even though we thought we were eating healthy with all the oatmeal, PB and apples, protein shakes and bars, egg whites, and plain grilled chicken salads.

We started to be more mindful about our eats.

To be a normal eater, remember it doesn’t involve making yourself feel bad about your food.

Understand that eating healthy and some less healthy foods is all part of a normal diet.

You are still a worthy good person whether you follow a diet or not.


Things to remember about ending the all or nothing mindset around food:

Some days will be better than others.

This is normal.

There is nothing wrong with you.

No more thinking about cheat days or viewing food as good or bad.

Aim to eat the same thing all year round.

All food can be enjoyed in moderation.

It’s not about being perfect.

It’s just a nice flow of balance every day, every week, every month.

No strict rules.

Enjoy the donuts and kale chips.

Enjoy the wine and green juice.

Remember you are GOOD ENOUGH now with or without some “diet”.

Switch your mindset around food. Awareness is key! Remember you have the power to let how that meal affects your whole day.

And know that nothing bad is going to happen if you let loose a bit with your eats.


Lori and Michelle


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