How to feel free around food {Stop stressing over food}

by purelytwins

We are here to help improve your relationship with  FOOD. For. Good!

We’ve recently received a few comments and messages from some of our pictures of what we are eating lately over off Instagram stories.

People commenting on do we eat gluten-free or not?

Well in today’s video we are sharing our personal thoughts and tips of what has been the most beneficial in our journey to creating a better relationship with food so you can too.

We are bashing some things and sharing you the honest truth! Food rant ahead fit soul boss!

How to free feel around food so you can stop stressing over food to get results

Please share this video with your girlfriends who would benefit from this video.

We are diving DEEP into creating a balanced way of eating to help you feel more normal with food again.

A life where you don’t worry about what others are saying.

Where you just focus on what makes you happy and feel your best.

How to feel free around food. In this video, we address some comments we received about what we eat. We share the BIG shift we made that changed everything for us and our relationship with food. Do this to improve your relationship with food and create a healthy balanced approach to eating. Stop stressing over food!

Takeaways from the video:

We feel the idea around normal eating is more a MINDSET thing than a nutritional thing. So we asked you to slow down and be more aware of your thoughts and beliefs around food.

As a society we are wired to want to FIT in – belong to something, which is why labeling the way we eat makes us feel part of something. Gives us purpose and control.

But many lose who really are and what really works for us. And we start to get obsessed with eating perfectly with this way of eating.

You have to do the inner work! A diet book is not the answer. Many of us are on the hunt to find that diet to just fix us and our lives as deep down we just want to be normal. And most of us don’t feel enough!

Start a spiritual practice to help you feel more whole and complete and to help you turn your focus off food.

Adjust your language around food. Give yourself permission to enjoy food again.

Also, need to address any food fears you have and work on releasing them. Every time you eat use it as a time to affirm that you are healed. You have beautiful skin.

The big change was realizing it was our minds – our reaction to what we were eating – causing our issues with food.

We encourage you to development a more flexible mindset around food.  Drop the labels and rules.

Want our help with forming a better relationship with food?

Check out:

Eating for life – tips to how we got started – click here to download your ebook and start your journey to a better relationship with food

Eat like the twins workshop – where we are now with food – click here to get access to the food freedom training videos

Want to see how we did it all – getting to a place of food and body freedom?

Learn how to stop obsessing and start living 


You have the freedom to eat what you want when you want!

Life is meant to be fun.

It is possible to have a normal healthy relationship with food – to be healthy without being obsessive.

It’s not an easy road. It takes time to build trust again with yourself and food.

Remember your reaction to food is huge!

Are you going to move on after you eat or let it consume your mind?

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Lori and Michelle

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