If we had acne and eczema, this is what we would do

by purelytwins

In today’s world there is so much information out…

new products, new supplements, new this and that…

it can be overwhelming on where to start.

Well in today’s video we share what we would do if we were starting our journey to heal acne and eczema today.

How we would heal acne and eczema if we were starting over

Please share this video with your girlfriends who would benefit from this video.

We feel God put us through these really tough times with our skin and health issues to help others get to the other side as well.

Because if we can do it, so can you!


if we had acne and eczema now what would we do to heal our skin

If we had acne and eczema this is what we would do:

1 – Mindset – What are your thoughts and fears. Meditate on them. Journal on them. Also, journal on what you want – I have beautiful glowing skin. I love how my skin looks and feels. I feel so vibrant and healthy. Start to rewire your subconscious mind as many of us are trapped here! Heal any emotional trauma as many of our skin issues arised from keeping emotions inside of us. They need to be released!

2 – Beauty products – Review what you are actually putting on your skin. Our skin is our largest organ!! Really look at what is everything you use on your skin. Do you believe in the products? Do they make you feel beautiful and abundant when you use them? We believe in investing in high quality products.

This is why we love essential oils and beautycounter’s products they are the best of the best! Plus if you join our  teams you get them at a huge discount, secret sales and lots of chances to get free product. Email us for more info twins@purelytwins.com

3 – Diet – Focus on eating a balanced diet fulled with 80% real food and 20% fun foods. No extremes. No restrictions. Focus on balanced meals and good quality food. Supplements can also aid in your healing we like vitamin D, Omegas, and gelatin.

For acne check out estroblock – see our video here on it.

For eczema check out the supplements Michelle likes here, including borage oil.

Also, need to address any food fears you have and work on releasing them. Every time you eat use it as a time to affirm that you are healed. You have beautiful skin.

4 – Get your mind off of it – This is huge! You have to turn your focus off the “problem” otherwise you are keeping your thoughts on having it still, so that is the reality you get. Find other things in your life that you love to do that keep your mind in high spirits. Work on making peace with yourself and your skin!

5 – Exercise – If you aren’t moving your body daily, start small. Want help, check out our bodyweight workout guide here. 

Are you exercising too much? This adds stress more to your already stressed out body.

In general, we like to keep things simple and balanced. Not perfect, but just where life is easy and fun.

Doing more isn’t the answer…more products, more restricting, more exercise…less is better!

We are all stressed and overloaded with things every day so take some time to simply your self-care routine.

If you want to see all that we do, we invite you to become an Intentionally Built member by clicking here.

One last thing to remember…

When you look in the mirror and you don’t see change, you have to still believe it is coming.

Let any negative thoughts come up and let them go.

Then affirm you are healed. Every day your skin and health get better.

Fit soul boss keep …. Working on your mindset, clean up your beauty products, review your diet and supplements, move your body smarter and focus on having fun in life again!

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Lori and Michelle


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