Get the Glow – FREE beauty challenge

by purelytwins

We are so excited about a new FREE beauty challenge we are doing starting Monday April 1. But you can join in at any time.

We are sharing this all because it means a lot to us…

Something that changed our lives…

Dealing with skin issues that literally took over our lives for years…

We don’t understand 100% why God put us through it besides for this…

Overcoming acne and eczema. FREE beauty challenge Get the Glow! Join along with us to glow from the inside out. #skincaretips #beautytips #acne #eczema #skincareroutine #betterbeauty #naturalbeautyproducts

You are manifesting. Whether you realize (or accept) it or not.

We didn’t want to manifest acne or eczema into our lives.

But we did. We take full ownership of it.

Looking back at our journey, especially with our skin issues acne and eczema we realized our dominant thoughts were all on our skin issues.

That’s all we talked about, read about, researched and thought about.

So year after year we saw evidence of this struggle.

Plus we had a failure mentality where we had a deeper belief that things just didn’t work out for us.

Overcoming acne and eczema. FREE beauty challenge Get the Glow! Join along with us to glow from the inside out. #skincaretips #beautytips #acne #eczema #skincareroutine #betterbeauty #naturalbeautyproducts

We took action back then. But the wrong action.

Too much action even.

We are firm believers that less is more these days.

That came to be true with our skin.

Taking action is a big piece in having law of attraction work for you.

Yes, your overall mindset and emotions are extremely important.

But are you going into whatever you are facing with a mindset of you already failing or that it will work for you this time?

There’s an energy difference.

Your outcome will be different!

Until we switched our mindset, focused less on the issue and more on that our skin is clear, and most of all we took smarter action and started doing less to our skin.

Got better results.

And within just 3 months our skin was healed and still is over 4 years later.

FREE beauty challenge Get the Glow! Overcome acne and eczema, and get glowing skin. Join along with us to glow from the inside out. #skincaretips #beautytips #acne #eczema #skincareroutine #betterbeauty #naturalbeautyproducts

Another important part of LOA is the story you tell yourself and what you identify yourself as…

For example, we told ourselves that we were girls who had skin issues so we were identifying as girls who suffer somehow with their skin. #notanymore

We’ve changed our story and identity.

Still to this day, we have to be more conscious of our thoughts when it comes to our skin.

Which leads us into something we are doing with our Intentionally Built members…

AND we are inviting you to join along with us if it sounds like fun and something you can get behind…

(hint: that’s important to seeing results, you have to believe in what you are doing.)

A FREE 30-day challenge called Get The Glow.


TOMORROW we start – Monday April 1st.

We will be documenting our journey too to share at the end of the month. And over on Instagram, we will be sharing it too.


Lori and Michelle

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