Our Favorite YouTubers for all things mindset & spirituality

by purelytwins

Hey fit soul boss!

In our last post and video, we shared the books that got us started with mindset.

Today is all about the mentors we go-to on YouTube for learning, growing, expanding and for inspiration.

Our favorite mindset and spiritual people to follow on YouTube

Please share this video with your girlfriends who would benefit from it.

We love finding new people to help us grow spiritually and mentally.

We love learning and will always be students.

Who do you follow, comment below letting us know!

It is so important to keep filling your mind with positive things to keep your mind growing.

We personally love watching and listening to videos to keep our mind positive, keep our vibes high and keep us expanding ourselves to new levels.

Our favorite #Mindset and #spirituality people to follow on youtube. We love finding new people to help us grow spirituality and mentally. #lawofattraction #powerofyourmind Who do you follow, comment letting us know!

Our favorite YouTubers that got us started on expanding our mind and growing more spiritually:

1 – Louise Hay – this meditation changed Michelle during her eczema days to heal her 

2 – Gabby Bernstein – love all her videos 

3 – Abraham Hicks videos – we go to PureJoy for a lot of them 

4.  Dr. Joe Dispenza –  he has his own channel 

This is the video of his that really changed us deeply

5. Marisa Peer – love her videos and love this video about feeling ENOUGH 

6. Aaron Doughty – one of our all-time favorites to go and expand our conscious, such powerful teachings he shares

7. Jake Ducey – another great resource we go to frequently to learn from and use his teachings to help change our lives

8. Alexi Panos – her videos are amazing, they are short and sweet yet so powerful


Make sure you also check out the  8 books that changed our lives here.

As well the 6 money books they helped us get started changing our mindset around money.

Like we said to get deeper transformation and improvement we recommend getting a coach to help you. Whether that is us or someone. We highly recommend you reach out.

If you want us to be your 1:1 coach we are opening that exclusive opportunity up for a limited time. Click here to apply. 


Lori and Michelle


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