Coffee chat – Self doubt – Body Love

by purelytwins

Join us for a quick coffee chat with us. We are sharing a part of a coaching call that is inside Intentionally Built that is powerful.

Self-love is you looking at your past and loving yourself still.

Looking at your doubts, facing them is an act of self-love.

Because you see you are worth more…worth better.

How to deal and ease self-doubt and the importance of loving yourself and your body now

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When you are facing a lot of doubt say, “God I don’t understand what’s going on, but I know you do. I trust in your plan for me. Help me to see and understand what is going on. Help me to see it with love.”

Remember it’s a journey.

Self-discovery is a journey too.

Trust that you are always being divinely guided.

So when things come up for you or across your path trust it is meant for you.

With that said, trust you are meant to be here. Reading this. Being part of our tribe.

We are so happy you are here too ūüėČ

Don’t forget to give yourself¬†lots of love, grace and compassion.

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Lori and Michelle

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