One thing that will change how you manifest (Life changing shift for us)

by purelytwins

Manifest quickly with this shift.

Do this to get out of negative energy quickly to manifest what you want as it gets you back into alignment. A magical manifesting shift to help you manifest.

We are super excited to share today’s video with you because it has changed everything for us.

You have heard us talk many times about being careful what you say….

Well, it goes deeper today because…

God works in the NOW.

The universe says YES to what you say.

But negativity is our brain’s default, so how do you not let yourself get stuck on a downward spiral of negativity?

Learn the important manifesting tip that will help you create the life you want.

Are you ready?

A quick magical shift to help you manifest quicker

Please share this video with your girlfriends who would benefit from it.

This has been a huge reminder for us when we notice ourselves talking about things we don’t’ want rather than what we want.

This is why awareness is key and being more in the present!

Your thoughts and actions today are creating your future.

Remember this simple technique to get you back into alignment to manifest what you want – God works in the now. The universe only says YES.

Manifest quickly with this shift. Learn how to get out of negative thoughts quickly to manifest what you want with this technique. What are you focusing on? Is it more of what you want or not? This one thing will help you manifest more of what you want as you will know what to be saying to call it in. Click to learn a simple technique to get you back into alignment to manifest what you want and turn negative thoughts to positive ones.


  • If you say – I am fat – The universe hears – yes. She wants more of this experience and brings it to you.
  • I am broke – The universe hears – yep.  You will experience more of that…
  • I have no money for that – K yep she has none so let’s keep that happening
  • I can’t seem to get better….focusing on struggling or lack
  • I hate being sick – it hears sick!!

Are you starting to see what we mean?

Does this help you?

God wants the best for you but if you keep being negative or focusing more on that (again we are all human) but the infinite universe brings to you want you are saying and vibrating at….

This is why your energy is important to manifesting…

Your beliefs….Your words…Your actions….

Remember God is working in the NOW, use this to help you shift your focus on what you actually want to call into your life.


Lori and Michelle

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