How I manifested my dream home in a month… wild story

by purelytwins

Okay beautiful #fitsoulbosses are you ready to chat manifesting today? Awesome. Go grab some coffee or wine and notepad and pen to take notes.

I am so excited to share my wild story of how I got to my dream home here in our new home in south Florida.

Michelle and I have shared how we manifested our big move to Florida here.

It has a lot of great manifesting tips in there too! So make sure to check it out.

I was also manifesting our house back in Charlotte to sell quickly and easily and it did! I sold 3 days of being on the market and closing went easily.

How I manifested my dream home in a month… wild story of faith and trusting the process that everything is working out in my favor


Please share this video with your girlfriends who would benefit from it.

I set the intention to be in a home once rental was up. This was my biggest desire.

This gave us 2 months to find a home.

So all my focus and energy was on finding a home.

We looked at so many homes.

I journaled on my new house intentionally one time giving my criteria to the Universe.

My must haves: spacious, open, good light, a place for playroom, pool, no carpet, safe neighborhood, and a nice backyard.

I also wrote in my journal things that would be nice if the new house would have things like … a white kitchen, updated, etc

Then I also wrote the deal breakers.

I feel all of this journal gave me and Universe clarity on what I really wanted.

Learn how I manifested my dream home in a month… it was wild story of faith and trusting the process that everything is working out in my favor. I share some key things to focus on and to tell yourself as you are manifesting. I share what to journal on. The power of intention, visualizing and trusting the Universe. I had a lot of No’s and twist and turns but I didn’t give up that things will work out and I kept believing that I get to have my desire.

Tips for you:

Journal on your must have, would be nice if, and deal breakers.

Visualize you living in your home, how it affects not only you but your family and your neighbors’ etc.

And make sure you feel it happening now and that the house you want is also calling for you to be its owner.

Please note you can apply this to anything you are manifesting into your life.

Then make sure you follow your intuition, follow what you truly want, don’t settle know you are worthy of your desire, let it go and trust the Universe will support you.

The Universe led me to some very good things to make sure I was committed to my original desire… like that new neighborhood, I talked about in the video that was amazing while getting an offer to stay at another rental place if needed to give us 2 more months to find a place.

I went through a lot of moments of confusion and moments of YES this it during that whole month.

It was really hard on me emotionally about what to do – what was best for my family.

The key is, as Michelle reminded me …

what was my biggest desire…

Which for me, I wanted to be in my home by end of October.

She reminded me that can be what happens!!

Here is a quick breakdown of the offers we did:

1 – First offer on my dream home – declined
2 – Made a second offer on a different house – declined
3 – Made another offer on another home – declined
4 – Went back to dream home and made a SECOND offer – declined
5 – Made a third offer on dream home and declined again!

So as you can see the Universe wanted me to really get clear and stand confidently in that I wanted this dream home and for the other homes didn’t work because they weren’t for me and my family.

The FOURTH offer made on dream home was accepted!

We made the offer and closed with just 2 days before we had to get out of our rental.

Crazy. But everything worked out!

#fitsoulbosses remember this…

Everything is working out for you.

Don’t give up on our dreams.

Don’t settle.

Believe you get to have what you desire.

See contrast as ways to get more clear on what you want.

Listen to your gut – you’re intuition.

When you start to see others around you talking about, or just seeing more of what you want is a good sign you are in the right vibe to attract what you want.

Keep going. Keep believing that everything is working out in your favor and that you get to have what you want.

Negative thoughts will come up telling you can’t have it, but you have to keep affirming NO I get to have this.

Your mind will talk you out of things.

Your soul will keep aligning you back up if you listen to your heart, not your mind.

If you follow your heart it will never lead you wrong.

Don’t let others influence you. Stay true to what you want and things will work out.

And lastly, remember to say – FOR THE GREATEST GOOD OF ALL

Leave a comment below sharing your story of getting your dream home or if you have any questions for me.


Lori and Michelle

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