Day in the life now living in Florida

by purelytwins

Happy 2019!

We intend this year to be the turnaround…the breakthroughs…the miracles…positive change we all need. It’s going to be a magical year.

We are bringing in the new year sharing how life is over here. Now, this was just one day, please remember our days do vary.

Day in the life with twins living in Florida


Please share this video with your girlfriends who would benefit from it.

We share this to show you we are just everyday girls inspiring everyday women to realize they can create an amazing life one day at a time while loving their current life now!

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Make sure you get yourself some fit soul boss shirts to remind you of who you are and affirm you are beautiful, worthy and enough every time you wear them.

Day in the life vlog with fitness mindset twin sisters helping women love who they are now while creating a stronger body and mindset to help them manifest their dream life.

Remember it’s not being perfect but focus on what makes you feel happy and good.

Remember you are powerful, worthy and enough now!

Remember we are all different.

We all desire a different way of living…want to experience different things…we see things different things based on our beliefs and perceptions.

We are here to inspire you to be just PURELY you! #bepurelyyou

If you want access to the food workshop we mentioned go here to learn how we shifted our mindset around to let go of fears and rules and have food freedom. You can do it too!

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PB&J plantain sandwich

We get a lof our food online from Thrive Market to save us time and money!

What is your intention for the year?

Our main focus is going inward more and slowing down more to really connect with our soul and God.

To be more intentional with our words and actions. To keep reaffirming our new empowering beliefs that support what we want and who we want to me.


Lori and Michelle

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