Does Beautycounter’s Countercontrol products work for acne?

by purelytwins

My results are in for using Beautycounter’s new line for acne prone skin called Countercontrol.

I shared on Instagram I got them to try out and over 80% off our #fitsoulbosses wanted to hear my thoughts after using it for a month, so here I am.

A little backstory first, I suffered from acne back in college. It was really bad. Like so bad I pretty much ripped up all my pictures of me during that time….and I tried all the things to FIX it.

Nothing really worked.

When Lori and I started blogging years ago my skin was on the healing side as Lori’s acne journey was just starting. You can see all of our acne posts here as I want this to be about the products not so much my acne story.

Also at the bottom of the post I link to other post that will help you.

Remember you are enough. 

Enjoy my video.

Review of Beautycounter’s Countercontrol¬†acne product line

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Lori used the products a few times but didn’t feel called to try them as she is happy with her routine.

I, on the other hand, have always been the one who likes to try things ūüôā

When these products came out a few months ago, I debated about trying it. Then after hearing other people talk about it and liked it, I thought why not.

This way when people ask I can give an honest opinion as I have tried them. Just like we do everything over here on PT. We only share about things we have used and liked to help you.

What happened to my skin after using Beautycounter’s acne product line for 30 days?

My results are in! I used Beautycounter's Countercontrol products for acne for 30 days. A little backstory first, I suffered from #acne back in college. It was really bad. Click to find out what happened to my skin after using these #beautycounter #acneproducts Also I share about the energy, belief and intention work that needs to be done when trying to heal your skin.

My skin overall did well with the products. I did have a few days of little pimples due to using a new product on my skin. But I kept going knowing it takes time to adjust.

Each week it got better.

Now I wasn’t 100% acne free, or should I say blemish free as I don’t really consider my skin acne like it used to be.

The products didn’t WOW me, but they did work.

I personally feel my skin does better with some of the other products I use from Beautycounter.

But for those that need a more stronger face care routine, this would be a great option as all the ingredients are safe compared to most acne products out there.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, but not to everyone.

Then who?

If you have tried other products with not so good results then I would say give this line a go.

If doing the oil cleansing method scares you then give this a try.

Keep in mind, as I said in the video a few times, you have to have your energy in a good place. Meaning you have to have a good clear intention behind using it as well BELIEVE it will help your skin. Say positive things as you are washing your face.

I personally went in with an open mind, just seeing what will happen. So that is kind of the results I got – pretty good, alright results as that was my starting energy. Make sense?

I do believe we are powerful beings and if we LOVE something and excited to use it and believe in it — it will produce amazing results. This is why there are many great products helping people get results. It is more of the person and their energy about it, not always the product.

With that said, if you like the overall mission of Beautycounter and feel in alignment with them, then you will get great results with this product line to clear up acne.

You have to like what you are using in your beauty/skin care routine. If not, then maybe it is time to move onto something new.

Both Lori and I love Beautycounter. We have been using them for almost a year. We love the products and the whole mission, so our energy is solid with it.

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If you do go for it and try them out and end up not liking them. No worries. If you aren’t satisfied with a product for any reason, simply return the unused portion within 60 days from the ship date.

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