A BIG secret your not facing to end the struggle with food

by purelytwins

Our journey has been interesting, our relationship with food went through many different faces.

Eventually, we had hit information overload.

Maybe you are at the moment too that’s why you are here.  Or maybe you feel so lost and confused on what to do when it comes to food and having a hard time stopping dieting.

Sharing part of a previous coaching video with the key tip that will change it all for you.

We are getting ready for our Eat Like The Twins LIVE Workshop we were reflected back on our journey and wished we knew this BIG secret. That’s why we are sharing it with you today. Plus we will be sharing more big MINDSET shifts and how we did it to end our food obsessions.

One BIG reason why you still binge eat and diet while struggling to get the body you want

Please share this video with your girlfriends who seem to struggle with dieting, losing weight, feeling healthier and happier.

Be honest with yourself have you been doing the same thing over and over but never truly getting to where you feel safe and comfortable with food and your body?

Has it become the norm for you to diet, stress and obsess about your body and sneak or hide foods? Restrict and overexercise to make up for the foods you were eating?

Hard stuff to admit too.

We know – we denied it for years.

Just know there is nothing bad with admitting you have these issues. You aren’t a bad person.

We were denying ourselves for years of what we really needed and you might be doing the same thing too.


Like most women when we thought there was something wrong with us, we would go and make it our daily mission to fix us. Do all sorts of crazy things to make us look and feel better.  We would go through all the blogs, articles, podcasts and google everything in high hopes to find the answers we so desperately seek. We probably went through every diet, cleanse, superfood, protocol, elimination diet there is, being obsessed with each one.

Which all gave us SHORT term success and every time our issues came right back.
Has that happened to you too?
We are here to share a big tip for you so you can start changing your reality.

One BIG Reason Why You Are Still Binge Eating And Dieting While Struggling To Get The Body You Want. Has It Become The Norm For You To Diet, Stress And Obsess About Your Body And Sneak Or Hide Foods? Restrict And Overexercise To Make Up For The Foods You Were Eating? Hard Stuff To Admit Too. We Know - We Denied It For Years. Which All Gave Us SHORT Term Success And Every Time Our Issues Came Right Back. Has That Happened To You Too? We Are Here To Share A Big Tip For You So You Can Start Changing Your Reality.

Food Tip: You’re not doing the inner work that’s why you are still struggling with dieting and not seeing lasting results

If you want to change your relationship with food, your body, your health, your skin, end binge eating for good, end dieting, ending the war with yourself YOU first have to change your relationship to it. This means you have to start to see everything you ever learned or heard about food, fitness, health, wellness all differently. You have to start changing your beliefs and thoughts to be more of what you desire.

We all have past beliefs holding us back. They are called limiting beliefs.

If we continue to think eating healthy is hard, or that getting in shape is difficult, or getting clear skin is hard then that will continue to be your reality.

You will continue to struggle.

You have to do the inner work to see outside lasting change.

Yes changing what and how you eat is important to healthy living, but how you think about food is just as important.

You need to stop that mean inner girl in your head that constantly compares, criticizes, and judges yourself and others. The voice that keeps telling you are doing it wrong, you’re a failure, your not enough or strong enough to succeed.

It’s the voice that keeps you running to the kitchen even when you’re not hungry.

Changing your diet without also changing your mind is a KEY mistake if you are looking to change your body and health in general for good. 

Trust us we know this from personal experience.
If you want to improve your health, to heal your hormones, to lose weight, to gain weight or live a happier purposefully live.

It starts with the mind. You need to understand why you overeat first. You need to know what stories you are saying to yourself all day long that are producing your reality.

You need to realize that YOU have the power right now to change all that.

We had a limiting belief that we had to look super lean to feel accepted, worthy and enough. We told ourselves that having abs made us feel pretty and loved.

But our bodies began to shut down the leaner we got – from everything we were doing with our diet and exercise.

Sure our lean-ness satisfied our eating disorder.

But NOT US on the inside!

We realized over time that things needed to change.

We had to rewrite our own beliefs.

So how do you feel about food?

Need to change our minds and hearts then food freedom is achieved.

Be careful what you think about as it comes to us.

Thoughts – emotions  – beliefs – actions – results

We think just changing our diet will give us different results.  We diet. We eliminate. We restrict. We cleanse.

We do it all.

But really it starts with what is in our mind.
This was the missing piece for us.

But once we changed our minds our relationship with food improved, therefore other parts of our lives improved – our relationship with ourselves, our career.

This is why diets don’t work.

We will just go back to old habits and patterns if we don’t change our thoughts, our beliefs.


Key takeaway: If you don’t change the inner stuff you won’t change your relationship with food, your body, your skin, your health or your life

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Lori (and Michelle)

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