10 minute bodyweight AB workout routine

by purelytwins

Got 10 minutes for stronger abs and a stronger mind?  Fantastic. Thought so. Let’s get to it!

In today’s video, we are sharing a fun and fast-moving ab workout routine that only takes 10 minutes. And you don’t need any fancy equipment for it.

Looking For A Fun Fast-Moving Ab Workout That Doesn't Take Fancy Equipement Or Hours On The Treadmill. Try This 10 Minute Bodyweight AB Workout Routine To Do At Home For Stronger ABS. Say Goodbye To Traditional Borning Ab Exercises. Let Us Know Which One Was Your Favorite.

10-minute bodyweight AB workout routine to do at home for stronger aBS

We hope this workout video has served you.

Please share this video with your friends that are looking to tone their core and minds.

We know what it is like to have negative thoughts about yourself.  We used to be girls who based their worthiness if they had 6-pack abs or not.

The truth is your self-worth has nothing to do with how “good” your abs look.


Let’s have some fun with today’s quick workout and soul routine where you can journal anything out and pray to God about to help you work through.

For the 10-minute workout:

Set timer to 2 intervals of 10 seconds of rest and 50 seconds of work (doing the exercise). 

Do one round of each exercise for a killer ab routine that doesn’t take much time.

  1. Standing front and side kicks – right side
  2. Standing front and side kicks – left side
  3. Monkey push-ups into underneath kick throughs
  4. Plank step-offs (the higher the box you use the harder this exercise is)
  5. Lying down single leg bridge cross under with kick
  6. Push-up into plank jack
  7. Cross-over V-Ups
  8. In and Out abs
  9. Side plank knee hugs – right side
  10. Side plank knee hugs – left side

These are some of our favorite ways to move the body to work our cores without getting bored!

If you are looking for a home workout to tone your tummy that doesn’t use fancy equipment or hours on the treadmill.

Try this 10-minute routine a try.  No more boring traditional ab exercises.

It’s time to mix it up.

It’s time to create a stronger you inside out.

Make sure to let us know what move is your favorite.

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