Day in the life {vlog}

by purelytwins

Are you ready to come spend the day with us?

We filmed our Tuesday this past week.

Night owls turned early risers, what to do with the kids now that it is summer, beauty routine and what we do in the car

We hope this video has served you and please share with someone you think would benefit from it.

As we said in the video we will do a future video on our morning routine.

But we want to hear from YOU – are you a night owl or early riser?

We would love to hear why too!

New Video - day in the life - Night Owls Turned Early Risers, What To Do With The Kids Now That It Is Summer, Beauty Routine And What We Do In The Car. #Momlife - what to do with the kids all summer? #Entrepreneurlife #Personaldevelopment


If you are a mom, what summer activities are you doing with your kids?

Does summertime stress you out as a mom? Or do you thrive on it?

Other things mentioned in the video:

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Essential oil team

Self-belief roller ball video

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Moving meditation video 

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