Our Current Daily Hair Routine / For Long Thick Hair

by purelytwins

A top comment we get is how do we take care of our hair? What do we do with our hair?

Well in today’s video we share how we keep our thick hair strong and healthy from the products we use and other tips for taking care of our long hair.

Plus it has been a while since we shared our last hair care routine, it needed to be updated 🙂


Apple cider vinegar hair rinse

New beauty and hair products we like

How to get strong healthy thick hair {Tips for girls with long hair} In today's video we share how we keep our thick hair strong and healthy from the products we use and other tips for taking care of our long hair. Plus we share an easy DIY hair mist for healthy thick long hair. Click to watch our hair care routine and products we love to maintain our thick hair and deal with our dry and oily scalp.

Our Hair care routine and products for long healthy thick hair

We hope this video has served you.

Please share this video with your girlfriends that would benefit from these hair care tips for long hair.

How to get strong healthy thick hair. Hair Care Routine Tips for girls with long hair.
Products mentioned in video:

Beautycounter repair and nourish shampoo and conditioner

Argan oil restorative shampoo and conditioner by Majestic pure (we bought off Amazon)

Clarifying shampoo by Moroccan Oil (we bought off Amazon)

Activated charcoal clarifying shampoo (we bought off Amazon) *This is a new one and we like it. Don’t be scared of the black color 😉

Other tips for healthy strong hair:

DIY hair mist for long healthy thick hair with essential oils

A simple DIY natural hair spray for healthy long thick hair using essential oils. Click to find our more of our tips and products for keeping our long thick hair healthy.

How to make hair spritz:

  • Using a small spray bottle, fill it up about 3/4 with water. Add in 3-5 drops of each essential oil: lavender, tea tree, geranium and cedarwood essential oils.
  • Spray this on your hair daily to keep it strong and healthy.

Looking for an easy, quick and natural way to curly your hair?? Watch our fool-proof natural curly hair method without using heat here. 


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