How to love yourself: HeartSpace Podcast

by purelytwins

Hey soul sister!

Check out our interview on HeartSpace podcast by our friend Corinne Dobbas.

Make sure you watch our interview with Corinne for our soul sister chat.

How to love yourself: Overcome poor Body Image, Move Through Self-Doubt & Not feeling enough

How to finally love ourselves and overcoming poor body image, no confidence, feeling not enough and so much. An jam packed interview on HeartSpace Podcast.

We know what it’s like to look in the mirror and dislike what you see. We suffered from body dysmorphia for years and years. Never thinking the girls in the mirror were good enough, smart enough, thin enough, fast enough, funny enough. We tried everything out there to FIX us.

Constantly googling looking for the answers instead of looking within. Always thinking we’re broken in some way since good things never happened to us.

We realized our beliefs and thoughts were the things that were holding us back. We would tell ourselves “we are not worthy, no one likes us” This was a hard mental battle to overcome. It is a daily practice to remind ourselves we are worthy. We’ve had big battles and many rock bottoms that really made us put this into practice.

One reason we both feel we finally healed was that we started to love and accept ourselves. We stopped picking at our bodies and trying to fix us. We stopped worrying about what others thought of us and focused more on what felt right for us.

#ptsisters we are here to remind you that you are ENOUGH and already worthy.

We are super excited to share with you our podcast episode with Corinne for her newly launched HeartSpace Podcast!!

Corinne we are so happy for you and excited for this new venture for you. Thank you so much for having us on.
We chat about body image, self-love, confidence and so much more, check it out here.

Want more of our help learning to love yourself, end your food and body image obsessions and create a life of freedom? Check out our SOSL program.

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