How to stop fearing foods and get healthy glowing skin without obsessing

by purelytwins

We got a big topic for you today soul sister.

We actually filmed this video before the Christmas holiday last year, but with the holidays and moving across the country we forgot to post it.

It is a topic near and dear to our hearts. We’ve wanted to talk about this for a long time but honestly, we were nervous.

We know exactly what it is like to just want clear glowing skin and just be healthy. Where you have so much freedom and less anxiety when it comes to food, your body and your skin. But you just can’t seem to get to that place… yet.

Like us, you probably have all this fear around the foods you are eating or not eating, and if your skin is going to go crazy or breakout when you eat certain foods. That was us for years!

Lori’s journey of healing her adult cystic acne was a long one as well as Michelle’s journey to heal eczema. If you have been following us for the past 8 years we have been online, you know we were obsessed with being healthy.

How to stop fearing foods and get healthy glowing skin without obsessing. See how we overcame our food fears. 

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We hope the video has served you.

You can see the Instagram post here that gave us the push to do this video.

How to stop fearing food and get healthy skin without having it take over your life and ruin your self-esteem?

How To Stop Fearing Food And Get Healthy Skin Without Having It Take Over Your Life And Ruin Your Self-Esteem?We Know What It Is Like To Just Want Clear Skin And Just Be Healthy, But You Have All This Fear Around Food And If Your Skin Is Going To Go Crazy Or Breakout When You Eat Certain Foods. If You're Suffering With Staying Positive With Your Food Choices To Feel Better And Get Clearer Skin Check Out Our Tips Here

We know how hard it can be not to fear foods.

Realize it’s a daily practice and a journey that will take some time. But we promise it is worth it!

You have to be willing to see and do things differently. Want more help where we dive deeper into healing, self-love and ending food fears? We share it all inside SOSL. 

You have to take ownership that it might be YOU creating the extra anxiety and stress around the foods.  We realized it was us that was creating a lot of the extra stress when it came to our skin because subconsciously we were telling ourselves this food or that food was making us breakout or hurting us in some way.

Tips on how to overcome food fears:

  • Use food journal as a tool but be careful not to get too obsessive with it.
  • Ask what is your intention with your food journal.
  • Change your feelings, stories, and beliefs.
  • Pay attention to where your thoughts are focusing on. Food hurting you or food helping you?
  • Have a curiosity mindset when it comes to trying foods.
  • Come from a loving place not fear when you are about to eat food.  Take a deep breath and get in good energy before eating foods that you are questioning.
  • Realize you are not broken.
  • Check in with other parts of your life to see if you are neglecting or avoiding because everything in life is connected.
  • Find ways to take the attention off your skin and food.
  • Get your gut and hormones checked out.

We believe in you. We love you.

We know you can break the cycle of fearing foods so you can have more peace and freedom with your food choices while keeping a healthy body and glowing skin.

If we can do it, so can you.

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If you have anything you want to know from us or learn from us, just leave us a comment below or email us

We are here to serve and help you, but we can only do that if we know your pain, struggles, frustrations, and what are your dreams and goals!


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