2017 Highlight video: year of surprises and big changes

by purelytwins

What a year 2017 was for us.

A year that was full of so many surprises and big changes. We learned a lot. Had loads of fun. Failed. Learned. Tried again. Created. Let go. Connected. Relaxed.

It was full of so many wonderful surprises, breakthroughs, friendships, and changes. A year we will never forget.

What 2017 year brought us. The good, bad and the ugly. A year full of surprises and HUGE changes.

Highlights of 2017. A year full of surprises and change.

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We hope the video has helped inspire you to take the time to reflect on everything you did, learned and experienced in 2017.

The good (and some down moments) things happened.   A year full of surprises and HUGE changes.

What 2017 year brought us. The good, bad and the ugly. A year full of surprises and HUGE changes.

2017 Highlights:

Did our 5-day #opentoself love challenge

More soul sister chat interviews

Michelle part of an eczema healing program

Lori finished her 9-month pregnancy program

Did a lot of LIVE trainings this year – from 7-day plank challenge, to RISE to FIT Jolly

Met amazing mentors at a mastermind event in Santa Monica, CA

We were interviewed for a few summits

Did more LIVE coaching calls with our clients

Took a month long vacation (first time ever)

Celebrated Lyla walking at 10 months, her 1st birthday and Madison’s 3rd birthday

Got professional photos taken

Won Lewis Howes Instagram Challenge

Meet the Katrina and Karena from Tone it Up

Launched our own t-shirt live inspired line

We moved across the country with moving back to North Carolina

Lori and Gary bought a new home

Michelle had a serious accident

It truly was an amazing year. We are so proud of everything we did and learned in 2017.  Like hitting over 10K subscribers on youtube and having over a million views.

We learned a lot about ourselves and what we want to do in the world. 2018 is going to be another incredible year -we are already manifesting great things!

We are excited to continue this journey of LIFE with you! Thank you for being here!

We love you.


Lori and Michelle

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Russelle January 12, 2018 - 3:28 pm

Michelle!! How scary. I hope you are okay. What did the doctors think causes your blackout?

purelytwins January 12, 2018 - 8:24 pm

Doctors didn’t know and no one really knew of kombucha so didn’t get any answer.


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