6 ways to stay consistent with your workouts as girl bosses

by purelytwins

Struggle with staying consistent with working out? You have no time because of family, running a business, or wanting to start a business and other life commitments.

I don’t have time to workout. 

Probably the number one excuse for not working out regularly that we hear all day long.

We are here to give you some solutions to make workout easier for you to start and keep consistent with, even if you are really busy.

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We all have our excuses for not working out, and we’re not bad people because of it. We need to be more aware of using this as an excuse and take ownership of our choices. Decide to make a change. Because we know we are worth more and deserve the best.

We get it. Life happens.

Our intentions are always pure. We all mean to train hard and eat better. We know it should be a top priority, but life too often gets in the way.

We are busy too as entrepreneurs and Lori is a mom of 2.  But despite how busy we get we know how important exercise is for our overall well-being and mental health.  Plus it helps us be our best self every day. We show up to take care of ourselves through daily movement.  After our workouts, we are full of energy, good feelings, clarity and a peace of mind.

If you have thoughts – inner chatter running in your head that is either too aggressive or unrealistic this is going to stall or stop your progress.

Here are the 6 best solutions to be consistent with your workouts for our fellow girl bosses and mom bosses who are short on time

The 6 Best Solutions To Be Consistent With Your Workouts as Girl Bosses Who Are Short On Time I don’t have time to workout. The big excuse for not working out regularly. We understand you are busy, we are busy as entrepreneurs. We all know how important exercise is for our overall well-being and mental health. Struggle with staying consistent with working out because you have no time we are here to give you 6 easy solutions to get you working out consistently again.

1 – You have to love yourself. When you love and accept yourself you will do things that make you feel your best. And coming from a place of love with your body you will also realize that you deserve better and that you are worth taking care of. Moving your body is an act of self-love. It is you showing that you love your body- when you take care of your body first – you’ll be amazed that you will have the energy to do what you need to do.

2 – Change your story. You have an old BS story that you tell yourself like that it is hard to keep up with a workout, or that I was always struggling with exercise etc. What do you identify yourself as? Change your story. The story you tell yourself all day long. Say things like I am a hot mama. When you see this as who you are now you will catch yourself doing things to get you there because you deep down believe it.

3 – Do your soul work with your workout. This is what we call Fit Soul Movement. If you did our RISE project you got a sample of this. We are all short on time so combine things. Make it a ritual – your me time to take care of yourself mind body and soul. Why is this important? Not only does it leaving your feeling good (which makes it easier to manifest things and take action) but it helps get your mind right. Because if your mind isn’t on board with your fitness plan then it doesn’t really matter what you are doing, right? Because your mind will be telling you you’re not doing enough, even though you are.

4 – Mix up your workouts and fun. If the belief that you need to spend an hour or more in the gym to get in shape is the reason you’re not working out consistently, here’s some good news: it doesn’t actually take that long. HIIT is the perfect solution for anyone who’s ever avoided the gym just because they didn’t have an hour to work out. Just google HIIT workouts and you’ll see plenty of evidence that supports you can change your body working out 30 minutes or less. Change up the style workouts and times to get you excited about your workouts.

Our clients love how our workout times vary because sometimes you only got 10 minutes.

5 – Find a way to stay accountable. We all need a little push from time to time so finding a tribe or partner can make all the difference to keep us consistent. If you find yourself not fully committed – do it with others.

6 – Make it convenient to fit your workouts into your busy life. The easiest solution is to do them at home. No more hours wasted in the car driving back and forth from the gym.

Want to train with us daily? Want to see how we personally stay consistent with workouts by doing all these things mentioned here then go ahead and check out Fit Soul Movement membership- our online fitness sisterhood for heart-centered women looking to make an impact in the world and they need to look and feel their best year-round.

FSM is the place to manifest through intentionally movement and simple routines.

This is the first time we have ever offered this high-level training access with us. We received so many requests from our #fitsoulbosses who missed the RISE project LIVE workouts and self-care routine, so we thought this was the perfect way to continue to help serve our #fitsoulbosses

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Michelle and Lori

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Mila October 10, 2017 - 5:27 am

Absolutely great advice. Thank you for sharing this motivational post.


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