How to like yourself and build self trust and awareness around food and body

by purelytwins

In today’s soul sister chat, we are chatting with the wonderful Corinne Dobbas.

This interview is full of so many great things that we know you’re going to love. She is a Registered Dietitian, life coach and dating expert. She is a former matchmaker turned dating coach. She helps women find love for themselves and open theirs hears for love.

One of our favorite parts of the soul chat was at the end when Corinne talks about the “finish line”.  If you are struggling with enjoying the journey in your own life – make sure to listen to this part as we totally loved it and agree 100%.

How to like yourself and Have more trust and awareness in yourself around food and your body

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So many good insights in that interview. It was such a pleasure chatting with Corrine as we had so much in common.

We love how she is about having a body like then move into body love.

We love this as we totally agree!

Just like Corrine we browsed all the magazines comparing our bodies and lives to those women in the magazines and wondered, “How can we look like that?”.

We also struggled for years with not attaching our worthiness to our size and number on the scale. For all of us, when we all reached our desired goal “weight” and being skinny – we still felt unhappy.  We all realized that it’s how we want to feel and reconnecting with our inner selves more deeply through self-development is where HAPPINESS really is. And that’s what so many of us are after – being happy.

But the food and diet industry has made us all feel inadequate and not enough as we are. It’s important to focus on learning more about you inside and out.

It’s a journey you still have to show up every day and be aware of how you are feeling and thinking. Don’t be afraid of questioning those thoughts or old stories.

How To Like Yourself And Have More Trust And Awareness In Yourself Around Food And Your Body. Discover How To Find True Happiness And Hint It Doesn't Have To Do With Your Size Or Number On The Scale. Learn Why It's Important To Question Your Thoughts And Beliefs To Truly Live Life Free And Happy.

Things we chatted about in the interview:

  • Her story
  • How she arrived at her goal weight and still felt miserable and unhappy
  • Fear of the “freshmen 15”
  • How she got into health and fitness
  • The book she highly recommends reading first and it has nothing to do with food
  • How she finally let go of fearing food
  • Her journey of learning and trusting her body
  • Observation is catalyst for change
  • How to create lasting change with yourself and your life
  • Her 2 non-negotiables to feel her best

Thank you so much Corinne for chatting with us and our #ptsisters

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