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by purelytwins

Highlights of our life and shout-outs to our Purely Twins community


Highlights From Our Week:

aunt pushing niece around in box

New activity Lyla loves to do (and Madison too) is being pushed in this container.

Makes for a great leg workout.

aunt and niece making food in kitchen

Madison helping Michelle in the kitchen making waffles.

Love how she is becoming more interested in being in the kitchen with us. It does make it challenging at times, but always fun.

raw vegan gluten free carrot cake fudge

The best way to eat carrots is as carrot cake fudge, right?

irish coffee twist

Irish coffee to celebrate the success of RISE and new ventures ahead for us.

Gluten-free green plantain waffles

Green plantain waffles with peanut butter (we use the PB thrive brand).

Never gets old. The girls even like having their “green” waffles 🙂

One way I can get greens into their diets at the moment.

kids playing at childrens museum slo

Play time at the children’s museum.

little ones eating plantain waffles purely twins

The little ones chatting while enjoying plantain waffles. This melts moms heart.

We really need our own plantain tree, haha

gluten free vegan biscotti with coffee

Michelle made up 3 more batches of our biscotti.

Seriously coffee is boring without a biscotti. haha

ancient nutrition bone broth protein

Tried out a new protein – Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein.

We really like it and excited to incorporate it more into our life. Have you tried it?

sisters playing together

You don’t need fancy toys to entertain the kids, just some baskets or containers, haha

The girls love going in here and having Michelle and I push or carry them around in them.  Good thing our workouts keep us strong 😉

simple real food dinner gluten-free paleo

One of our favorite dinners – veggies salmon mayo tahini and mustard!

We get the canned salmon and condiments here.

twin sisters purely twins getting women healthy happy and fit

We’ve been a bit MIA over here on the blog as we’ve been focusing on some behind the scenes things for our coaching site.  It is coming to the end!

We are also excited to be revealing a new way to work with us very soon.

The RISE project has inspired us in a whole new way to do some new things in our business, and we keep receiving amazing messages from our family of #fitsoulbosses from all over the world that they miss starting their day with us. How they enjoyed working out with us LIVE and doing the whole self-care routine.

Good news sisters, we’ve been working on something super a-m-a-z-i-n-g for you .

chocolate coconut yogurt protein mush

Sometimes you just want chocolate for dinner.

In our case chocolate coconut yogurt protein mush. We mixed So Delicious chocolate yogurt with some gelatin (the ancient nutrition brand), perfect fit protein, stevia, peppermint essential oil and cacao nibs on top.

Simple, satisfying and delicious.

Eating should be enjoyable, fun and easy to fit into your lifestyle.

Purely twins. #Greatnesschallenge with Lewis Howes. Sharing who we are and how we want to serve others and change the world.

Big things happening over here. We’ve needed more alone time to process it all.

One thing we’ve been up to is participating in  Lewis Howes #GREATNESSCHALLENGE over on Instagram. (and BTW we were featured in Lewis’s IG story and his NEWSLETTER!!! We were freaking out when we saw our picture come through in his newsletter!!! Freaking amazing and so grateful!)

Day 1 was a few days ago (click here to see the rest of the days!) Day 1 we were to share who we are, what we want to create in the world and why?

As entrepreneurs and girls who love self-development, we are always learning, growing and evolving. Our business definitely (and blog which you have seen) has shifted over the years as we’ve discovered more of who we are and what we want to do to help change the world.

We are on a mission to help women love the bodies they have now as they work towards a more powerful confident version of themselves.

We are Lori and Michelle. Twin sisters who are creating a movement to help women from all over the world eat, move, think and speak with more love (and turning them into plantain lovers ☺️ ).

We want to help women see their worth, live a life that they desire in a body they love and feel comfortable in their own skin. Through sharing our personal struggles we realized a lot of our issues were rooted in that we didn’t see we were ENOUGH. So we turned to food and exercise to “FIX” us but this lead us to health and skin problems (and still feeling unfulfilled inside).

We do what we do because we know what it feels like to struggle, hate yourself, feel alone and feel like you’re broken. We don’t want others to feel alone on their journey or think that they are not good enough.

We are fitness lifestyle coaches who help heart-centered passionate spiritual entrepreneurs, moms, leaders and creatives to get them fit and healthy in all parts of life by letting go of old beliefs and form a better relationship with food and exercise. We transform women’s confidence levels through mindful functional movement and mindful eating with infusing the mind, body and soul.

Getting them to understand that they CAN love their body NOW while working to attain a heather lifestyle doing what they want to do. We help women stop obsessing about their bodies and thinking that they aren’t enough, by rediscovering worth and reclaiming their power through mindful movement so that they can live up to their true potential to go after their dreams.

We are super excited for the future! Big things coming we can feel it.

#fitsoulbosses Shout Outs:

purely twins tribe shout outs

LOVE hearing from our clients and our tribe enjoy our workouts, recipes and wearing our shirts

recipe love purelytwins plantain recipes

LOVE our online family of #fitsoulbosses



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