How to love yourself and life again and let go of what you should look like

by purelytwins

In today’s soul sister chat we are chatting with a dear friend Gillian Young.

We became blog friends with Gillian many years ago as we had so much in common. A desire to be healthy, a love of food and a goal to be thin, which lead us all down some dark roads where despite all that we were doing with dieting and exercise we actually weren’t healthy or happy. We hope through our story and hearing Gillian’s story today will inspire you to stop fighting against your body but find a place of peace and happiness.

How to love yourself, food and life again and let go of what you should look like

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So many good nuggets in that interview:

  • nothing bad comes when you reconnect with yourself
  • we all have different goals and desires
  • having a goal to be thin is an empty goal

It’s about growing to be a stronger, better you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Fall in love with the processes. Fall in love with all the experiences of life. Make gradual changes. Focus on what is best for you right now. What would make you happy now?

Focus on being healthier and to be a better  you.

 Tired of dieting and not feeling your best? Click to discover how To Love Yourself, Food And Life Again And Let Go Of What You Should Look Like. A new soul sister chat with Gilian Young. Share this with your girlfriends so we can help more women and girls love themselves now.

Things we chatted about in the interview:

  • Her story – struggle with food and body image at young age
  • How her life falling upside down lead her to a self discovery journey in Europe
  • How she didn’t feel comfortable in our own skin
  • How she discovered herself and fell in love with strength
  • Doing things that excite her in order to stop fighting against your body
  • How she gets through fear and the questions she asks herself
  • Do things as a learning experiment
  • How having a goal to be thin is an empty goal
  • 2 things she does every day to feel her best

Thank you so much Gillian for chatting with us and our #ptsisters

Make sure to keep up with Gillian
Instagram – @gyoungwomanyoungwoman

More soul sisters chats are coming your way. Stay tuned.

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