RISE – A free 5 day morning project

by purelytwins

It’s HERE!!

It’s finally time for us to reveal our new free challenge for you. Well it’s more of a project.



What is it? A FREE 5 day morning project to start on day in high vibe feeling our best.

Why project? Because taking care of ourselves is an on-going process.


It’s time to RISE up in your body, mind and LIFE.

We officially start on Aug 12th Saturday and end on Aug 16th Wednesday. JOIN HERE.

These 5 days are part of our new 6 week RISE morning project inside Purely Fit Life (PFL) – our fitness lifestyle sisterhood.

You’ll be seeing exactly how we get our minds, bodies and souls in high vibe with our 5 step self-care routine.

RISE – A free 5 day morning project to to get in high vibe to up-level your life

How it works:

  • 5 days of LIVE workouts on Instagram (@purelytwins) at 6 am PST. The workouts will be 15 minutes long.***We know not everyone will be able to make it live. We will host the replay inside our PT Tribe Facebook group for a week, then it goes down and will be available only inside PFL. If you join our sisterhood you get access to the real time workouts, printable PDFs and intro to the moves inside PFL including a nutrition challenge.
    *    5 minutes of mind and soul work with: Affirmations. Gratitude. Visualization.
    *    Girl chats over coffee before workout to get our minds right and focused. Prayer.
    *    Access to our PT tribe Facebook group for support
    *   Special offering to join our fitness lifestyle program – PFL. The BEST sisterhood!!

Yes, this is a bit of a personal challenge for us because ever since Lori had Lyla our morning routine…well let’s just say we got out of that routine. We miss it.

Maybe you got out of your morning routine too. Out of touch of who you are and what you want.

We feel so much better when we start the day filling our minds with positive words, saying what we are grateful for and moving our bodies.

We feel more connected to our higher self, more focused, more confident and more at peace and excited for all of life’s magic.

Are you ready?

Worried you won’t be able to commit, find the time, or that you’ll fail?

Yea this is going to be a challenge for us too. Please remember there is no failing just learning and growing. And if it’s important you’ll find the time.

Working out first thing early in the morning…yay more happy cup!

This is our moving mediation. “Me time” is what we like to call it.

We’ll be moving our bodies to reconnect with our soul, our desires, and our worthiness. Yes fitness can do all that.

15 Minutes of movement mixed with soul work to build a better body and mind.

You got time for this! No excuses.

It’s time to RISE and do things in your life that scare you or that you’ve been putting off.

Because girl, you are worth it.

It's time to RISE sister. Join our FREE 5 day morning project to start your day off. In high vibe feeling your best. If you struggle with feeling good, confidence, clarity and energy this morning project is for you.It’s time to RISE up to be the best version of you. Mind. Body. Soul. CLICK to sign up.

What you walk away with after the 5 days:

You’ll have a simple morning routine to get you feeling your best to change your life.

After the 5 days we hope you have gotten a sense of the importance of setting time to take care of yourself with intention and how movement can bring inner strength and clarity. How exercising can be a positive thing, not something you dread or put off.

We all know the most important part of your day is how you start it.

It does wonders for your body, mind, confidence and productivity.

Your morning routine shouldn’t feel like a PAIN.

BUT something you are excited about as it uplifts, empowers and inspires you.

RISE up as a stronger you – mentally, spiritually and physically.
RISE up in your life.
Rise up your spirit.
RISE up each other.

No negativity or judgements here.

This is about improving ourselves to help others. When you take care of yourself, you are inspiring others to do the same.

Instead of criticizing and judging others let’s try something new – RISING each other up!

Yes this challenge is about taking care of you and putting yourself first, but we have learned having a supportive tribe is powerful.

Together we can do more good.

Are you ready to join the best tribe? Are you ready to join our movement of helping women see their own self worth so they can live up to their true potential…Helping women reconnect with themselves mind, body and soul…Helping girls see they are not broken, that everything they need is inside them.

Well, this RISE morning project will be your starting point to changing your life.

It’s time to RISE up to be the best version of you.

Let’s rise together #ptsisters



Lori and Michelle

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Jeremy July 27, 2017 - 8:39 am

Hi, Lori and Michelle. It’s good to go for a workout in the morning. You can breathe the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Let’s refuel together. 🙂

SujanaYoga August 18, 2017 - 7:39 am

Great post. Morning exercise is really good for health especially doing yoga relief our mental stress.


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