Weekly Sparks

by purelytwins

Highlights of our life and shout-outs to our Purely Twins community


Highlights From Our Week:

11 month old giving her mom a hug

Wish I could freeze this moment with little miss Lyla.

One of my favorite moments of being a mom is when my little girls what to cuddle with me.

plantain waffles with peanut butter

Plantain waffles and peanut butter.

A favorite combo in this house.

Diastasis. Strong core healing ab gap

I am putting my focus back on my core!

I love being able to feel my body get stronger and stronger each day.  Even though I have my ab gap smaller I am still careful of what exercises I do and I know there are other lifestyle habits I need to change to help my core strength even more.  I am not perfect but a continue work in progress.

Healthy recipe for grasshopper pie

We adore our no bake grasshopper pie for our high fat dessert for our high fat way of eating .

baby and vizsla dog

Lyla loves sitting with Jax, especially in his bed.

The other day she brought a baby doll with her and was having so much fun. Jax was too apparently. haha

Healthy paleo dinner canned salmon and tahini and brussel sprouts

A favorite dinner of ours! Canned salmon with brussel sprouts and a green (this time it was romaine) topped with tahini, mayo and mustard.

mom pulling wagon with her kids

Got a new toy for the girls! Our dad sent Madison a very early birthday present – a wagon!

sisters in bathing suits

When it’s hot outside what else is better than playing in water aka the hose then chatting about how much fun you had with your sister. 🙂

planking for strong core

We are always learning and growing, so we keep the content fresh for you and always giving the best value we can give you.


mini chocolate cake that is gluten free and grain free

Enjoyed some chocolate cake for dessert one evening, minus the frosting 😉

lyla playing with jax

Seriously… these two!! #canthandlethecuteness

Reminds me so much of Madison when she was this little as she adored Jax so much too.

Peanut sauce cod brussels sprout dinner

We forgot how much we love this sauce!! Peanut butter sauce over cod and more greens and brussel sprouts.

#fitsoulbosses Shout Outs:

PT love

And love hearing from our #ptsisters !!

Stacie getting her workout in. Great job sista.

Annie enjoyed our inspirational video. Something we had so much fun creating.

Hannah and her family loving our plantain porridge. 



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