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Highlights From Our Week:

family picture of july 4th celebration

Celebrating July 4th. This was Lyla’s first July 4th and think she had a good time 😉

Story behind this photo. Girls had matching shirts, though Lyla is way TOO big, Madison peed in 2 shorts before this photo so don’t have matching shorts and she wanted to wear one of her toys as a hat. And Jax, our vizsla, wasn’t being very cooperative to be in the family photo. #reallife

Enjoying a balanced mindful way of eating with some wine and triple berry homemade dairy-free cheesecake for dessert

Soul satisfying dessert for July 4th celebration – wine with a slice of our triple berry cheesecake.  Life is about creating a mindful balance approach to eating that works for you.

We like our lifestyle of including some wine and dessert.

Sisters playing at park in SLO, CA

Heading to Disneyland.

So in love with how they are starting to play together.

Quick healthy grain-free paleo waffles.

Plantain waffles + maple syrup = BLISS

Carbs on carbs 🙂

Little sister pushing big sister

This was toooooo cute. Madison got onto the elephant toy and she wanted Lyla to push her.

Both kids loved it as us adults couldn’t stop laughing.

Mom playing with her 10 month old and 2 year old daughters. #momboss

Color time. Madison still loves to color, draw and paint. Love it.

Lyla likes to move everything all around.  She always wants to do what big sister is doing.

Silly vizsla sitting on bean bag

Oh this dog!!! So dramatic.

Jax sure gets exhausted from chasing after the little ones.

Mom target trip with her daughters

Target trip…always fun 😉

What normally happens is either Michelle or me stay with the kids and play with the toys while the other twin shops.

10 month old baby eating plantain blueberry pancakes.

Lyla enjoying some blueberry plantain pancakes. Her favorite part was squishing the blueberries and making a mess.

We made up a batch of our plantain pancakes and added in some blueberries.

Modified frontal planks using a chair. Diastasis tip.

Modified frontal planks using a chair. Even though my ab gap is stronger I still do some modifications, especially with planks.

Healthy gluten-free protein baked mini donuts. Made with plantain flour and perfect fit protein.

Made up a batch of our protein baked donut holes! Soooo good.

Even the kids enjoyed them.

Using essential oils to help heal pimples.

Let’s talk pimples shall we, it’s been a while. If you are new here you may not know but Lori and I both suffered from severe adult acne for years.

Nowadays we don’t break out that much and we are extremely thankful for that!

There are few things that help keep our skin glowing – keeping our stress low, exercising smarter, eating a balanced mindful approach to food that works for us with a focus on high fats, using only oils to wash our faces, not washing our faces that much, meditation, affirmations and essential oils.

You can see why we use oils to wash our faces with here.

The powerful essential oil combo for acne is lavender and melaleuca. We do a mix of both. Just one little drop a few times throughout the day until the pimple is gone. Here you can see Michelle got one on her cheek. She didn’t stress, she just took care of it, and it was gone in 3 days And this even included a night she didn’t wash her face.

We know it can be hard not to stress over your skin and resist putting a lot of lotions, creams, serums, even washing your face all the time etc on it, but really less is more.

Sending healing vibes to you all.

#fitsoulbosses Shout Outs:

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